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Ozone Hyperlink V1 12m Ultralight Foil Kite

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Ozone Hyperlink V1 12m Ultralight Foil Kite

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Regular Price: $2,055.00

Special Price $1,749.00

Package Includes: Kite & Kite bag.  



Ozone Hyperlink V1 Foil Kite

The Ozone Hyperlink V1 Foil Kite is one of the most popular foil kties on the market, and the Ozone Hyperlink V1 Ultralight has the same design. The only difference is that the kite is made with lightweight materials to reduce the weight and the packing volume.

The Hyperlink V1 khas received rave reviews from The Kiteboarder Magazine, which described the kite as being great for foiling, surfing and twintipping. One tester said "The lines felt really long, which is to mean this needs 18m line lengths to feel like a 27m inflatable. Bar pressure was medium plus but delivered surprising performance from a small foil package. Extremely stable, excellent boost/hangtime, goes upwind well and relaunches really well for a foil kite.” and another said “This was my first time flying a foil and I picked up the hang of it super fast. Very light in the air, very responsive, excellent upwind ability, good lift and hangtime. This kite was super light and quick; it sends back into the window well with a little more bar pressure than most inflatables.”

What Ozone Says About the Ozone Hyerplink V1 Ultralight Foil Kite

The Ultra Light version is 25% lighter and packs down to around half the size! The Ultra Light offers true performance increases and enhanced flying characteristics. It inflates quicker, launches in lighter winds, flies faster, stays in the air longer in gusty conditions, and is more reactive even in the lightest breeze. 

The technical backpack is the same design as the standard version using lighter materials. 

This is What Ozone Said About the Hyperlink V1 Foil Kite...

The design brief was outrageous - develop a kite to bridge the gap between inflatable and foil kites while making it excel on water, snow and land. 

The Hyperlink is a true multipurpose foil kite, it brings together the performance of a foil with the feeling of an inflatable. One kite to cover almost every aspect of Kiting! Free ride, hydrofoil, boost and float, air style or unhooked, backcountry snow missions, you name it and it delivers.

The Hyperlink is unique, it’s the first foil kite to be as dynamic and fun to ride as a performance inflatable. With an unparalleled level of stability, handling and bar feeling the Hyperlink takes it to the next level.

With an innovative valve design it can be ridden on the water, snow and land safely, as a Closed Cell or Open Cell kite. 

We know many inflatable kite riders can see the advantages of high performance foil kites such as the Chrono or R1, however the bridle lines and complexity can be daunting. The Hyperlink is simple and user friendly, the mid aspect ratio and minimal bridle plan makes taking the jump from inflatable to foil kite easy!

No matter how hard-core inflatable you are, now is the time to expand your universe. Take that step into the unknown - the reward is more adrenaline, more riding time and a new feeling!


  • Exceptional Ozone Factory Construction
  • Designed With OZ-CAD
  • High Performance Ultra Light Materials
  • 4-line and 5-line modes
  • Innovative Zip Valve
  • L.E Profile Reinforcements
  • Internal Diagonals and Straps
  • Sheathed Bridle Lines
  • Double pulley Speed System
  • Water Drainage Channels
  • Waterproof deflation zipper
  • Fool proof line connectors

 Ozone Control Bars

Ozone Foil Race Control Bar V4

Ozone Foil Race Control Bar V4

An all-new push-away quick release with an innovative one-step Click-In reload function that is incredibly intuitive. The release handle fits comfortably in the hand, it is quick and easy to activate the release by pushing the handle away. A self-positioning release mechanism locates automatically, ready to be re-loaded by simply ‘clicking’ in the loop. The Click-In Loop is AFNOR NF S52-503 certified.


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Smooth, great bar pressure, and flies in super light wind! Love this kite!
Review by SB Ken / (Posted on 2/3/2019)

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