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Ozone Chrono V3

Ozone Chrono V3

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2 Item(s)

Excellent light wind kite and perfect for those looking to foil, surf, and twintip.

This kite is AMAZING! I weigh 210lbs. and with my 18m chrono v3 i can comfortably ride a freestyle twintip in 8-10kts and even lighter with a surfboard or foil. This kite holds air surprisingly well for a non inflatable and as long as its bridals do not get tangled it is pretty easy to relaunch. Setting up and launching is more difficult than an LEI but once you learn the technique it really isn't too taxing. If you're looking for the ultimate light wind kite this is it, There isn't an inflatable on the market that can match this kites low end power. Between its light weight and efficiency it can be launched and flown in less than 6kts.
Set backs for this kite are price and skill level required to comfortably use it. This isn't a kite for beginners. Also if planning to fly this kite with a standard control bar i highly suggest adding a brake line to your bar as it will help in launching and single handed landing.
Review by Bond / (Posted on 5/21/2018)

Unreal power, efficiency, and light air performance for advanced riders and racers

I was amazed by the amount of power and the upwind efficiency of this kite. Also, the build quality is excellent as is typical of Ozone products. The pull is smooth when sailing through gusts. The kite can turn faster than a similar inflatable kite. The kite depowers more easily in heavy air and stays flying in super light air. There is nothing available right now that can outperform this kite light air. It will stay flying in the lightest of winds when any inflatable kite would fall out of the sky.

You can totally use the kite with a twin-tip or surf board, but to experience the full power of the Chrono, you need a hydrofoil. With a chrono and a hydrofoil you can kite in lighter winds than you ever thought possible (I'm talking 4-8 knots) and hit amazing speeds. For racing in both light and heavy winds this kite blows everything else out of the water with its efficiency.

This is definitely an advanced kite.
Launching and landing can take some getting used to, but once you have the technique down it is not so bad.
If there are large lulls and the kite does fall out of the sky, relaunching is much less reliable than an inflatable. Often the kite's long bridles will tangle on the way down or in the water and make relaunching impossible. You can't really self rescue with this kite since it fills with water after a couple minutes so you will need to roll it up and swim it back in. I'd suggest staying close to shore at first and always wearing flotation. Also be sure to watch the Ozone YouTube videos on how to launch and land the kite.
Review by Phil / (Posted on 4/21/2015)

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