Meet Our Crew

Vadim - IKO/Pasa Instructor

Vadim Polonsky

Certification: IKO Level 2 Instructor, PASA Level 2 Instructor, US Coast Guard Master Captain, First Aid/ CPR

Kiteboarding Since: 2002

Vadim is the founder and owner of Green Hat Kiteboarding. He learned to kiteboard in 2002 and was one of the first kiteboarders in the area.

Brian - IKO Instructor

 Brian Brenner

Certification: IKO Level 1 Instructor, US Coast Guard Master Captain, EMT, CPR

Kiteboarding Since: 2008

Background: Wakeboarding, Water Skiing, Sailing

Favorite Kite Location: Kite Island

Brian grew up on Barnegat Bay and has been wakeboarding and water skiing since he was 10 years old. He used to race small sailboats, then began sailing larger boats; including chartering 42 foot catemerans several times in the BVI's and Bahamas. He started kiteboarding in 2008 and has been hooked since. He has a strong drive to learn new tricks as well as help others advance in their skills. Brian is an EMT for a local volunteer first aid squad and when he is not saving lives,  he is out kiteboarding. 

Eric - IKO Instructor

 Eric Brenner

Certification: IKO Assistant Instructor, US Coast Guard Captain, First Aid/ CPR

Kiteboarding Since: 2012

Background: Wakeboard, Water Skiing, Sailing, Ice Hockey

Favorite Kite Location: Kite Island

Eric grew up on Barnegat Bay (where lessons are given) and has been wakeboarding and water skiing since he was 8 years old. After seeing everyone out kiteboarding he wanted to give it a try and it came natural to him. In the winter he plays ice hockey, and when the water isnt frozen he is out kiteboarding. Eric is currently studying computer science in college, and helps to manage our website. 

 Ian Koch - Product Specialist

Ian Koch

Favorite Kite Location: Atlantic City area, Cape May or LBI.

Background: Ian has been an avid kitesurfer since he had his first few lessons on the ice at Lake Champlain in VT. Ian is one of the least picky and well rounded riders we know. His thrust for kiteing has enabled him to master the basic four disciplines (wake-style, wave, big air and foiling) and put him on the water about 170 days in 2015. If you ride with Ian you may see him blasting S-Bends, ripping dark slides and boosting 15' on his strapless surfboard. Some of the more impressive jumps include blasting 38' with his woo device. Over the last few years he has gotten more into the foilling in light wind. 
Kite Gear He is Knowledgable With: One of the great things Ian brings to Green Hat is his extensive knowledge of kites and his ability to adapt to a kite very quickly. Ian has spent signifigant time on brands such as Slingshot, BWS, Wainmann, Airush, F-One, Liquid Force, Cabrinha, Core, Best, Switch, Ozone, Crazy Fly and Ocean Rhodeo.  
Kite Trips: Each year he spends multiple weeks in Cape Hatteras, he has traveled to South Padre Island, Caberate in the Dominican Republic, Bahini Salinis in Costa Rica, Barbados and has kited in Florida, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Connecticut.
A Bit Crazy, But Friendly and Helpful: If you see Ian on the beach don't hesitate to say hello, his tattoos, freaky VW van and foul language make him appear a little rough around the edges but don't be shy; he is always down to give pointers and advice and is actually one of the more enthusiastic people we know. If its windy you can pretty much count on the fact that Ian is kiting.