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Ocean Rodeo Soul Kiteboarding Drysuit XLK

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Ocean Rodeo Soul Kiteboarding Drysuit XLK

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Ocean Rodeo's SOUL, highly refined design meets technical performance.

Offering greater flexibility than any wetsuit and customizable levels of warmth the SOUL is Ocean Rodeo's premier drysuit for SUPing, Kiting and Sailing. The SOUL features: waterproof breathable material, Captive Zip self entry, crotch relief zip and a removable hood and while it looks like a 2 piece jacket and pants the SOUL is actually a 100% dry, one-piece suit.

The devil's in the details, trust your SOUL to keep you warm this season!

Colors: Orange and Blue



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Awesome drysuit for cold weather kiting!

I researched just about every brand and style of drysuit before committing to the Ocean Rodeo Soul. I am 5'11 / 185lbs and the Large fits perfect.

Where I live we kite frontal wind that blows in before storms. It can be raining, snowing, or sunny, and it can change in minutes. The Soul suit is great because you can layer underneath according to the conditions, unlike some of the other tighter-fitting drysuits on the market. The shoulder-to-shoulder waterproof zipper has been designed to be easy to operate by yourself, and it is easy to get in and out of the suit without having to ask for help from someone else. This is great if you do have to adjust your layers mid-session, or just don’t want to ask for help every time you wear your drysuit.

The construction of this suit is clearly high quality, and has obviously been well-thought out. For one thing, Ocean Rodeo makes the only suit on the market with a “stand-by mode”, which is a nice feature if you spend anytime on the beach before or after your session and you don’t want to have the neck seal on the entire time. You can even put the suit on at home and zip up the jacket without putting on the tight neck seal.

At our local spot, there is no windbreak unless you have a big van with a heater running inside (some of the guys do). I used to use a wetsuit and getting in and out of that thing in the cold winter wind was awful. The Soul solves that problem because you always have dry layers on before and after your session.

I also looked at some suits that don’t have a “relief/pee” zipper. In my opinion, this feature is now non-negotiable. It’s like clockwork- every time I’m pumped up, suited up, and bar/lines are set and I am about to get in the water, all of a sudden I’ve got to piss like a racehorse. No need to take off this entire suit, just use the zipper.

If you’re as careful about your purchases as I am (and hey, this one ain’t cheap), do your research and give this suit serious consideration. It’s definitely top-of-the-line.
Review by Chris / (Posted on 2/10/2016)

Looks really cool and is very well made

Suit is very well made. Really nice zippers. It is very easy to put on without help. It has really nice integrated jacket and a hood (that you should remove if you don't intend to keep it on your head or it will fill with water).
One thing I did not like was an additional zipper for the hook, but it is not a big deal. Overall - I can recommend the suit. I am 5'7" and 165lbs, size L fits well.
Review by Paul / (Posted on 4/26/2015)

Once you go dry you dont go back

The ocean rodeo soul is a must have for cold water guys. The Soul made my winter tolerable. I used one from November through March and had many days with 32degree air and 32degree water. I use 5mm lobster claw gloves and 5mm booties. I do recommend taking the hood off because when you crash it just fills with water and does not keep you real warm It is better to just use a neoprene beanie. I was totally amazed and surprised because I had an old Ocean Rodeo Pyro and hated it. The ocean rodeo soul is also great for SUP. I had a bunch of cold water days with that too. The suit is not restrictive and feels like you have a snow suit on. It is also pretty easy to swim in if needed.
Review by ian / (Posted on 4/6/2015)

I can definitively recommend this suit

I just bought this wetsuit - size XL in blue - it has an amazing color, I really like the blue - and fits very well.
I'm 187cm - thats just in between the XL and the XXL but Vadim talked to the guys from Ocean Rodeo and they recommended the XL - and I must say they were absolutely right. My weight is 82kg - so the suit has a little bit too much room around the waist, but once in the water and all air out - especially with a harness on - it fits perfect. And it has an amazing flexibility - I just went out last weekend to Breezy point for a first session on the water and Im really happy with this suit.
Some points which I especially like are: The suit is very easy to put on - the zipper around the neck is very easy to handle (in comparison to other zippers I know from diving-suits) and the rubber-cuffs fit well and make a durable impression.
The overall appearance is also very good, the seams are welded and the material is very light - walking around in that suit is very comfortable.

One thing I dont like that much is the zipper for the hook. Even though the idea behind that zipper is great, the zipper makes a little fragile impression (but time will show how well that thing will last) - I hope it will not crack too soon.
I was out last weekend in just under 60°F - and the wind was pretty strong - according to Windfinder 24mph gusting to 45mph (so I had to take a break around 3PM) - but then it got less so I had a perfect ride - and the SOUL kept me warm all day long. I was wearing just a thin running tights underneath in combination with skiing underwear- turned out to be a perfect combination.
The only thing I had to learn yesterday: Those suits will probably never be 100% waterproof. If you are on the board and the water hits against your legs (e.g. when hitting a wave) there's always some drops coming in. Also when crushing into the water the speed just makes it impossible to keep the rubber cuffs 100% tight - so there was a little bit of water in the suit after half a day of kitesurfing.

I can definitively recommend this suit - it's a little bit pricy but from what I heard so far, other suits leak much more than this one (and aren't that much cheaper) - so better go for the best (SOUL) and spend some bucks extra than being disappointed from another suit…

Two things are also worth mentioning: first, the SOUL has a zipper in the front so you don#t have to take off the suit if you need to pee (huge!!!) and second: the integrated jacket is really fantastic!!!! the hood is adjustable (you can even take it off if you want) and it's like wearing a winter jacket over your kitesuit - it keeps you warm and comfortable even in very strong wind - and it also looks much better than probably any other suit on the market.

Hope this is of help for you - everybody who is looking for a drysuit should definitively include this one in his short list. I personally would definitively buy it again.
Review by Raphael Rotter / (Posted on 11/11/2013)

Really well made

Tested the Soul paddleboarding yesterday in head high surf. Water temp 63, air temp also 63. Wore shorts and tee shirt underneath and was perfectly comfortable for the entire four hour session. Slight leakage at wrists and ankles from wipe outs as can be expected but other than that I was warm and dry. Didn't sweat at all. Nice to get back to the car, take off the suit and not be wet. Great suit.
Review by Badger Baird / (Posted on 9/15/2013)

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