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Ocean Rodeo Soul 2.0 Kiteboarding Drysuit

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Ocean Rodeo Soul 2.0 Kiteboarding Drysuit


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The suit that started it all, the Soul continues to be our best selling drysuit ever. In the Soul highly refined design meets technical performance.

Built to offer you greater flexibility than any wetsuit and customizable levels of warmth the Soul features our revolutionary Captive Zip design, giving you the ability to choose fully “dry mode” or “standby mode”.

When worn in dry mode the Soul is 100% dry and breathable. Between sessions, on your way to the beach or after your time on the water you can then open the dry zip and doff the neck seal. With the outer jacket then zipped up the Soul offers a well ventilated, hooded jacket and pants to protect you from the wind and rain. Converting from standby mode to full dry mode can be easily accomplished all while wearing your PFD.


  • Standby or Full Drysuit mode – Captive Zip Self Entry
  • German made T-zip Masterseal main dry zip
  • Captive over flap jacket zip
  • Outer Chest Pocket
  • 420 Denier abrasion overlays at knees, buttocks and crotch
  • VENTOR salt water resistant, drysuit specific waterproof breathable material
  • Adjustable & removable suspenders
  • Trim to fit, Polytex UV resistant seals
  • Removable hood
  • German made T-zip Masterseal crotch relief zip
  • Jacket pockets and inside jacket stash pocket
  • Large chest pocket accommodates marine radio, etc
  • Available with attached Polytex UV resistant ankle seals
  • Lower leg “boot cuff” overlays
  • Reflective piping

Ocean rodeo Soul 2.0 Size Chart


Customer Reviews 6 item(s)

Well made Drysuit- And you stay Dry!!

Excellent Dry suit- great way to extend your season in the northern climates to almost year round. The drysuit material is quite thick and seems to be very resistant to tears and punctures. The design is cool with the integrated jacket with a hood . The zippers are well made and easy to use but you do have to be careful that you double check that you have fully closed them - if they aren't 100% closed they will leak like crazy.
The front zip is nice as you can get in and out of the suit by yourself.
The seals are good , but you really have to make sure you burp out most of the air from the suit prior to your first crash . If the air escapes quickly it will let some water back flush in at the same time. I find that if I wear straps around the top of my booties over the leg seals it will eliminate any leaking.
The sizing is different in how they match the seal size with the size of the suit. I would definitely call your dealer to ask them which size is best for you.
In Conclusion- a well made suit that keeps you dry, zippers can be finicky , but a great suit over all.
Review by Grant / (Posted on 1/5/2019)

Awesome dry suit!

Love this suit! It's my first dry suit and I'm glad I chose it. I am 5'11", 165 lbs, 32 in waist and got it in large. I erred on the side of going larger as I wanted extra room for layering and my impact vest underneath.
The cuffs and seals work great. Never any water inside. It is designed to be layered underneath which is what I prefer. I find this gives a much greater temperature range for using it.
I use a seat harness mostly, but if using my waist harness agree with the poster who wears it under the jacket part.
I'm not a fan of hoods as they restrict my vision, but this one is easily removed and put back on as needed.
It's too bad they no longer have the opening in the jacket part for your waist harness hook to go through- this was a cool feature on the older models.
Overall highly recommend.
Review by Steve / (Posted on 8/14/2018)

Game Changer For Sure! Warm and Dry!

This is absolutely a game changer and has definitely made me wonder why I didn't buy one sooner! I've definitely got a few issues with the suit, primarily sizing, but nothing that would stop me from going out and buying another one immediately if this one disappeared. I fit into the exact same category as the other reviewer. First the positives:

The suit it's self isn't very warm but they OR one piece fleece lining is. I typically wear a pair of cycling tights or ski thermals and a thermal top under the liner and that's it. When I want to jump I was wearing an impact vest under the suit too. The best part about this is you are very warm and dry on the beach during set up. The suit acts as a wind breaker and the same applies when you get out. The first time I used the suit was on Christmas day in 33 degree air temp and 38 degree water temps and I was hot! I wore 5mm gloves, 7mm booties and 3mm hood. Most of the time after that I got away with 5mm booties. I found using electrical tape on the cuffs of my gloves and booties helped prevent water flush and kept me happier. The standby mode for setup and packing up is amazing. I just switch to a pair of warm and dry gloves and no more freezing hands trying to wrap bars and pack kites. I found that I liked a seat harness best if I was jumping as the suit would slide on me, not the harness sliding on the suit. When I did wear a waist harness I enjoyed putting it under the jacket. Though this may just be back I thought it looked cooler.

Now for the not so awesome. I fit into the same issue as the other reviewer. I'm 5'10, 170 pounds, 33 waist. On the size chart I fit into the Large but I'm barely fitting into it. When I called OR they recommended I use a Medium. Actually most people I talked to said I should be in a Medium. So I purchased two suits so I could try both sizes, as I couldn't find anywhere to try them on. I liked the way the ankle, wrist and neck cuffs fit on the medium much better (tighter) and the general fit of the suit once it was on. However it was next to impossible to get in and out of by myself when layered to actually be out in the cold water, and forget the impact vest. The issue wasn't the fit height wise, or even volume when it was on. The issue was the shoulder area when putting it on or taking it off and I don't have big shoulders (39-40 sport jacket). I opted to keep the large because I could always add additional layers under it if I needed to. I could also fit the impact vest under it. Length wise it is a little long but that doesn't bother me that much. The heels drag in the water when riding at high edge angles but again that doesn't bother me. What does bother me is the seals on the cuffs are just a bit larger then the medium and when I take a header I get a little flush on the neck seal. Without booties, gloves and a hood covering the seals I'd definitely want the tighter seals, but with them on it was a none issue. I've gotten a little bit of water in at all the seals/cuffs but nothing more then a 10-20 drops after a 2 hour session. My thermals will be more wet from sweat.

*Last thing to note is to absolutely make sure all your zippers are closed. They will not leak if they are closed but if you don't pull them all the way to the end water will get in. Or if you open up your relief zipper, to well relieve yourself, make sure to close it!

In summary I've used the suit about 15 times this winter out on Long Island and I couldn't be happier. Depending on the weather I've worn anything from layered thermals to just a long sleeve shirt and a pair of tights and been warm. Setup up and pack up is a breeze now. No more freezing in parking lots. I highly recommend getting an Ocean Rodeo drysuit if you do any cold/foul weather kiting!
Review by Benji / (Posted on 5/19/2018)

Great Suit but Sizing Could be Better

Bought the Soul in late November and have used it 4 or 5 times now on Long Island Sound - the latest being yesterday in 33F water and high 40s air with some sun. It's definitely well made and well thought out. Very different feel from the semi-dry and wetsuit type dry suits I've had in the past - so it takes a bit to get used to the very loose and baggy feel of this type of suit. The seals are fine in terms of getting in/out and feel, but there is a lot of latex and fabric around your neck - not a bad thing, but just something you need to get used to. With the appropriate undergarments it kept me nice and warm yesterday - even when I had to body drag for several minutes to get back to my board. So in terms fo safety, I think it would be fine for spending 20+ minutes floating in - the most I go out in winter. I bought OR one piece fleece liner for 1/2 price (recommend that) and it's a good first layer and then I added some good sweat pants and a fleece top to that. Once you get used to the feel (and "burp" all the excess air out of the suit), it nice and maneuverable. Fabric seems pretty tough - I would take a lot, even from a foil, to get through the fabric and cause a leak. The only thing you probably have to watch out for is the pant cuffs dragging on the rough ground - booties don't have much of a heal, so they probably could have shaved an inch or two off the inseam. Just roll the cuff up if you are in the parking lot or on rough terrain. My only big issue is that the sizes seem kind of odd, hence the 4 star rating. I tried a Medium which was much too small and then the Medium-King which was very large on me - I'm about 5'9" and 180. Sure enough the chart says 140-160 pounds for the medium and 180-200 for the MK. Hello??? what about if you are between 5'7" and 5'11" and weigh 170? So it fits me, but there is definitely a lot of room and I could probably do without some of it. The jacket part, however, does do a good job of pulling the bulkiness together and giving you a tidy and almost fashionable look and feel.. So in short, great suit and if you happen to be sort of in between the sizes, it's not optimal but certainly not a deal-breaker.
Review by Doran / (Posted on 1/21/2018)


This is a fantastic product. Price is worth it. I kite in the PNW. So far I've done 3 sessions and have been toasty warm and dry. I debated about getting a fancy surfing hooded wetsuit from the big brands but decided being dry and warm during and after sessions was better. It revolutionizes being on the water in the winter. The first session was 42 degrees F down in Ocean Shores on New Year's Eve with wind between 18 and 25 mph. I wore one layer of midweight merino wool long underwear and one layer of expedition long underwear fleece over that. When it's all sealed up it's perfect. I then use a 2mm neoprene beanie, 3mm neoprene rubberized gloves, and 3-7mm booties. Definitely worth your money. And when you change afterwards you just take it off and you're good to go!
Review by Kiter Matt / (Posted on 1/18/2018)

Game changer from being cold to having great time.

Excellent game changer. Nothing nicer then kiting on a cold day when your warm and dry. I can no longer go south as soon as I did in the past. So I thought I would give the Soul a try. I now get out when I would never have entertained the idea. I only wish I would have went with a dry suit sooner. I stretched my seals for a great fit. During the stretching I checked ever 3 hours. I could feel a difference in pressure at this interval. It is really a high quality suit and so far I have been warm with just the OR liner. It is also very awesome for SUP. Something you must experience.
Review by Leasure Living GMW / (Posted on 11/26/2017)

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