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Mystic Golf Bag Pro 150cm + 2 vacuum bags and pump

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Mystic Golf Bag Pro 150cm + 2 vacuum bags and pump

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Kiteboarding Golf Bag

Mystic Golf Pro Bag fits a lot of kiteboarding gear. Put 2 boards, and 3 kites with your kiting accessories and the Mystic Golf Pro Bag will carry them to your windy destination. Tons of reinforcements, straps, comfy neoprene handles, ventilation, light weight and strong materials, even replacement zipper puller with spares. The Mystic Golf Pro Bag will be your traveling companion for all your kite adventures.

  • Size: 150cm
  • Comes with Two 100x70cm Mystic vacuum bags and a hand suction pump.
  • Weight: 10.2lbs


Customer Reviews 15 item(s)

Awesome Bag!!!

I love this bag! I was able to put all of the following gear in it at one time without going over 50 lbs.
Tona Pop 138
Liquid Force Echo 133
2 pair Naish Apex Bindings (detached)
2 Double ziplocked bags with board fins, screws, and handle stuffed into loose bindings.
12 Meter Slingshot - not vacuum sealed
10 Meter Slingshot - not vacuum sealed
1 Bar
1 WMFG 2.0 Pump and detached hose
2 Screw drivers - outer pocket
A couple sets of patches - outer pocket
2 Child life jackets buckled over each other with bottom of boards slipped into them for padding / protection & now kids can be safe at location.
Note: at this point there is still room in the bag but I do not want to go over 50lbs. The zippers are very nice and strong. I did pack the 2 kites in the 2 mystic vacuum bags but did not vacuum them - I wanted to make the bag look more full and golf like - which it does.

Review by Kevin / (Posted on 2/9/2018)

Great bad, super customer service

The bag was delivered very fast. It looks so rad. Can't wait to travel with it.
Brian was super helpful. Great customer service! I will definitely purchase from GreenHat again.
Review by Cesar / (Posted on 8/1/2016)

good bag with some room to improve

Good design, roomy for all gear.
Fabric quality could be better. It is not durable enough. My friend and I bought these bags at the same time. I was lucky, but my friend's bag got torn in many spots just after the first flight. So, the fabric could be a little thicker.
GOLF logo should be sooooo much bigger. This is what all kiteboarders need at the airport.
Review by Penben / (Posted on 3/6/2015)

Good Bag

I took this golf bag to Boracay from Los Angeles. This is how I got there and, of course, I reversed each step to come back home. Each trip took 33 hours.

1) Walked nine blocks from my place to Del Mar station. Not trivial with all kiteboarding gear and etc.
2) Metro Gold line from Del Mar station to Union Station
3) Union Station to LAX via Fly-Away bus
4) LAX -_ Incheon, Korea Airport
5) Incheon -_ Manila
6) Local transportation from International -_ Domestic Terminal. Not a trivial bus ride. You need to pay the fee.
7) Domestic flight Manila -_ Kalibo
8) Bus ride from Kalibo to Caticlan
9) Boat ride from Caticlan to Boracay island
10) Tricycle ride from Boracay jetty to Surfer's Home.

I know this had been very hard to this golf bag, and I ended up having two torn area on this bag. Not sure any other golf bag would have done any better.
Review by sung byun / (Posted on 12/2/2013)

definitively would recommend

I got this bag just before my trip to St Lucia. I got the smaller of the two sizes this bag comes in and it had massive amount of space inside for all my gear. I had my harness, kite/bar, and two boards (with pads/fins attached) + clothing/shoes, etc...and still had room for more. The big GOLF sign made it hassle free at the airport for me (usually my friends get asked about what's inside their bags; but not I!)

definitively would recommend at great price!
Review by Vlad Pisaryuk / (Posted on 4/29/2013)

Fits perfect

140 bag is little bulky but fits perfect slingshot misfit 142! Looking forward to use it more.
Review by Mikhail Volkov / (Posted on 2/16/2012)

Very well made bag

Very well made bag. Durable material and plastic guards on the bottom. Zipper is heavy duty too, no worries about it splitting. The wheels are key, without them i have no idea how I would have made it anywhere, especially through the airport. I have the 155 which made it under the "golf" category, even though the attendant was like "why is it so big"(under her breath) Never the less it works and I love using it even as a storage under my bed for my gear or whatever.
Review by Tyler Scholl / (Posted on 2/5/2011)

Bag works

It got the job done with no questions asked - flew Delta airlines from DTW to FLL and back. It's a basic, no frills bag, so don't expect anything fancy. I fit my 151cm proof (in 155 bag) in no problem.
Review by Ryan Peterson / (Posted on 5/17/2010)

Golf Bag worked great

Just returned from St. Lucia/Grenadines. The Traveler Golf Bag worked beautifully. Took two boards, two kites, snorkeling gear, fishing rod, bottle of Venezuelan rum, etc. Plenty of room and very sturdy. :-) Very glad I purchased this one.
Review by Nancy Morgan / (Posted on 2/7/2010)

Great construction

This bag carried my stuff from Jax, FL to Charlevoix, Mi...which was really all it needed to do. I was able to put my CrazyFly Allround Retro 2008 (145cm X 41cm) into this thing with a few centimeters to spare. My waroo, pump, wet suit, life jacket, helmet, harness, etc. all fit in along with the board and there was still room to spare. You can definitley put a second kite in there.

The bag clearly has some good construction techniques and quality materials put into it.

My only complaint is the lack of rigidity. This thing flops around if there isn't something rigid running the length of it (which, in my case, was the board). I was worried that the airlines were going to pile other baggage on top of mine and possibly snap the board. I was lucky that this didn't happen.

I would recommend this bag to anybody that doesn't want to spend more than $150 on a kiteboarding travel bag, but still demands quality.
Review by Thomas Wilson / (Posted on 8/6/2009)

Looks Great

I haven\'t used the bag yet, but it looks great...strong material, and the shipping was super quick. I think I recieved it 2 or 3 days after the order was placed. Very happy with the purchase and the email confirmation, as well as the shipment tracking they provided (which I didnt need since it came so quick). Going to Aruba in July, and I can\'t wait to use it!!!
Review by Mike Mathews / (Posted on 5/28/2009)

The bag worked great

The bag worked great(i got the 140cm size) - 2 kites,board,harness and lines came to 45 lbs, which met Jetblue regulation on weight. Looks like a real golf bag. No problems at the kiosk.
Review by Daniel Michelson / (Posted on 5/27/2009)

This bag is the shizzle

Easily held 2 boards, 2 kites in bags, harness, wetsuit, rash guards and more! No problems in the airport at check-in. Green Hat shipped quickly and check-out was a snap. You will love this bag and the service you get at Green Hat!
Review by Toby Stanfield / (Posted on 5/20/2009)

I would recommend it!

I just purchase this bag, and went for a trip to Europe.
I got the 140 centimeters one.
Works perfect for my Best 127 centimeter board, 2 kites (Best 9, Best 13), 2 bars, 1 full wetsuit, 1 small pump, my Mystic hardness, my booties. Amazing, isn't it. I was able to put all those gears.
It rools well.
It has front, bottom and middle handles. Practical and confortable.
Black --_ does not get dirty.
Says Golf on it --_ I did not pay extra with American Airline.
The material appears to be strong. Nothing broke during that 1st trip.
The overall bag is not big.
I would recommend it.
Review by Francois Danielo / (Posted on 9/9/2008)

good bag

This is not as "big" or better bag as some other gold bags. I have had a few, but it has the "golfiest" look. Generally, you will get a board, 2 mid size (9/13) kites w bags, and a session style(soft harness) Not the thermoplastic type. If you have new gear (board) it will come in under 50lbs and no extra charge. Hence great for Planes. If you are only looking for car transport. Get an alternate bag. Maybe the big best. Finally, the normal best bag in comparison ...is a better packable bag due to the location of the zippers.

Golf image/style Vs. More room and ease of packing
Review by David Pereira / (Posted on 4/1/2008)

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