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Progression Kiteboarding Beginner 2nd Edition - iTunes Voucher

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Progression Kiteboarding Beginner 2nd Edition - iTunes Voucher

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Progression Kiteboarding Beginner

The progression series of instructional videos are here to give you the confidence and motivation to improve quickly and safely.  A complete, video based learning resource that supports and builds on everything you may have already, or are about to, learn in the your lessons. This video content contains over 2.5 hours of in depth  analysis, covering every aspect of beginner kitesurfing from the technical basics to fundamental riding technique.

Chapter Descriptions:
  • Location and conditions: Understand your environment and become an observant and knowledgeable kiter
  • Equipment and terminology: Overview of all kite styles and how they can make a difference to your progression
  • Kite Setup: Breakdown and detailed explanation of kite and bar set up, giving you confidence and independence
  • Launching and landing the kite: Understand how to safely start and end your session, using both 4 and 5 line kites
  • Body Dragging: Flying the kite to give you the momemtum required to ride and recover your board
  • Water re-launch & Self Rescue: Detailed re-launch technique and common problem analysis. Outline of the optimum self rescue process.
  • Waterstarts and First Runs: Getting you up on the board and making those first crucial runs
  • Riding and Staying Up Wind: Developing your riding technique and stance, mastering comfortable up wind riding
  • Change of Direction – Sliding Turn: Learn the steps to keep your board and kite in sync, and your body out of the water

Customer Reviews 7 item(s)

Perfect companion to real lessons.

The Beginner DVD is a perfect addition to real lessons. No matter how great the instructor, there will always be different ways to explain kiteboarding techniques. The instruction on this DVD is very clear and well-articulated, and sometimes just hearing a concept or idea in different words is what you need for it to "click".

During my very first lesson, my kiteboard instructor recommended the Beginner DVD from Progression. I wrote it down and downloaded it that night, and started watching it before coming back for my water lessons. Considering the high price of 1to1 or even 2to1 kiteboarding lessons, this is a very economical way to get additional instruction.

Each of the Beginning DVD lessons is very straightforward, and they point out common mistakes that students make. They sync up the explanations with slow-motion video of an actual kiter performing the moves. This makes it really easy to understand what to do the next time you are on the water.

I attribute several of my early break-through moments in kiteboarding (water-starts, going upwing...) to the instruction from this DVD. Highly recommended!

Review by Chris / (Posted on 2/10/2016)

Good DVDs

This is without question a five star item! Progression is thorough to say the least, in this beginner 2nd edition everything you need to get yourself started in the sport of kiteboarding. I found after studying this movie i was more confident and informed on how to conduct myself at my local riding spots! Also a very vital aspect is rider right of way and manners ( this not only being a safety matter but a great way to not upset the more experienced and local riders! ) Definitely buy this if you are new to the sport or if you're just interested in taking a lesson!
Review by michael BOND / (Posted on 3/1/2013)

Best Kiteboarding DVD

This is the best of the two DVD\'s I have viewed on the subject of Kiteboarding. Not only did it help me understand better how to fly the trainer kite but it also helped me to understand some of the problems that I may face when I take lessons next year. I would highly recommend this product to any beginning kiteboarder. After I take my first lesson I will be purchasing the next installment of the progression series.
Review by James S Williams / (Posted on 10/20/2010)

Love this DVD

Love this DVD. It will make a nice companion during the winter While I dream of warmer places!
Review by Roy Cole / (Posted on 10/15/2010)

Must have for beginners

This DVD is a must have if you are just getting started. It is great to watch after a session to refresh your mind.
Review by Motaz Diab / (Posted on 9/24/2009)

DVD is essential to all beginners

This DVD is essential to all beginners thinking about kiteboarding. It is full of tips and techniques that you can watch over and over. I have learned something new that I missed before every time I watch. This DVD is also a great thing to watch before a instructed lesson and the Trainer is good for learning technique and control. I personally wish I got the 3m instead of the 2m but I am 210lbs. So if your under 190 lbs I would stick with the 2m.
Review by Arlen Arceneaux / (Posted on 4/5/2009)

comprehensive DVD

Watching this DVD is a great way to get introduced to the sport of kiteboarding and to learn more about it. I think pretty much every basic topic is covered. I am glad there is an emphasis on safety and understanding the wind.

The DVD could probably be updated to include more usage of the new SLE and Bow kites, especially in the self-launching aspect. Also Quinn, a 6-year old kite prodigy who I have been teaching, dozed off while watching it. The music and narrator should be more dramatic and captivating.

But if you need to brush up on a topic, you can just go right to the chapter that demonstrates it, I think the DVD is pretty comprehensive for the beginner level.
Review by Jonathan Korteweg / (Posted on 2/14/2009)

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