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JAY XTC Flextech 2.0 harness

JAY XTC Flextech 2.0 harness

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Regular Price: $200.00

Special Price $69.00

Includes: XTC 2.0 Harness only. Please select spreader bar as they are not included.  



JAY XTC FTC 2.0 Harness

The harness technology 2.0 is starting now. JAY is one of the most innovative companies and in 2017 we introduced the most innovative kite harness never conceived.

JAY XTC FlexTech 2.0 is not only product technology, this is the fisrt harness assembled using an innovative and unique assembly system. 

The JAY-SEAM-LESS (Tm, patent pending) construction technique allows the replacement of one of the 5 parts the harness is made of. Why? Replace worn or broken parts, change colours style or update part to a new version.

Size Chart

Small   29.5" - 31.5"  
Medium   31.5" - 35.5"  
Large   35.5" - 39.4"  
Extra Large         39.4" - 45"  

JAY XTC Flextech 2.0 harness colors

The following size chart is unusual for a standard harness and is due to the different components that can be combined in different ways. First identify your waist size and related harness size (equal to webbing with buckles size) then if you like Low Profile harness check if the LP ption is available for the size. If you have problems don't wait to email us by using the "Contact for more information" button.

Dynabar XTC back handle release

Dynabar XTC Front Hook

Dynabar XTC Short Leash


When using the kitebar bungee leash attached to the back handle for Free Style, you can release it by pulling the small QR handle placed in the fron of the harness. The back hadle will disconnect from the harness and the kitebar bungee will detach.


The dyneema slider can be released and the sliding hook will detach from DYNABAR releasing the CL and the sliding ring where you have connected the short leash. This feature is useful riding big waves, to release quickly when the kiter falls inside a wave and risks to be trapped by kite lines is high.


Self locking buckle to attach webbing to DYNABAR. Thanks to the design, this buckles is self locking and doesn't need any maintenance.


Safety double blade hook knife to cut kite lines if necessary. Blades are in stainless steel and the body is in alloy


This safety leash is designed to be as short as possible and can be fixed to DYNABAR or to sliding ring.

Dynabar XTC Graphics


The carbon fiber composite is covered by an external layer in PPL transparent plastic. The graphics are printed on the inside layer using sublimation technique (the color is incorporated into the plastic by high temperature) and can't be removed by accidental scratch.

 Dynabar XTC Seamless


This new construction tecnology limits the seams to the minimum and all the parts remain in position by some new locking techniques.

The product is made of 5 different replaceable parts and when one has to be replaced you don't need to buy a new harness. The external shell composite is the most expensive part and is almost indestructible.

JAY idea is to help customers to save money when, for their safety, worn parts need to be replaced due to usage (eg. worn webbings). For the reseller to simplify and improve loyalty of the customer. The last but not the least to help the environment by reducing the waste produced by worn and unusable harnesses.


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Top harness design

This harness is a concentrated of latest technologies, so far the best i've ever used.
Review by Trumpnothanks / (Posted on 1/6/2018)

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