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Core Riot XR5 7m Kite

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Core Riot XR5 7m Kite

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Regular Price: $1,359.00

Special Price $1,089.00

PACKAGE INCLUDE:  Kite & Kite Bag.   



The Core Riot XR5

Sometimes compared to the Duotone Rebel, the Core Riot XR5 is an excellent fast turning and boosting kite with tremendous hang time. Now in its 5th generation, the Core XR5 is extremely easy to use, stable in almost all wind conditions. 

What Core Says About the Core Riot XR5

Freeride / Freestyle / Race / Wave "You decide, which style you want to ride"

The new mega-boosting, woohoo-generating XR5 delivers more hangtime than you can imagine. And did we mention the pillow-soft landings? This performance freerider has the goods for all your adventures. On the lake. Or on the Atlantic. It rips upwind, handles gusts (and lulls) like a boss and still retains the legendary XR character, comfort, and range that owners rave about. So, how do we do it? We start with a modified delta bow shape, and we spend the next 12 years improving every minute detail. Details like our Intelligent Arc bridle system that adjusts the wingspan, and massively increases wind range. And ExoTex Ultra Rigid Dacron, our exclusive airframe material that increases canopy rigidity and aerodynamics without adding weight. We could go on, but we prefer that you find out for yourself how stellar the new XR5 performs. 

The XR5 features:

  • EXOTEX® ULTRA RIGID DACRON: Zero stretch airframes.
  • CORETEX® TRIPLE RIPSTOP CANOPY: Extreme durability.
  • TWO COLOR OPTION: "BrightWhite10" and "TechBlack10"
  • 5 STRUT FRAME: Maximum canopy stability.
  • DELTA BOW SHAPE: More power and even more depower.
  • INTELLIGENTARC:Adjustablewingspanondemand.
  • SHORT BRIDLE SYSTEM: Improved kite feedback.
  • CORE INTELLIGENT TRIM SYSTEM (CIT): Customizable “power steering” and turning speed.
  • INSTANT RELAUNCH: Effortless water relaunches.
  • SPEED VALVE 2: Fast, reduced effort inflation.
  • SPEED PUMP SYSTEM: Improved all strut inflation. 

 Core Control Bars

Core Sensor 2S Pro Control Bar

Core Sensor 2S Pro Control Bar

Meet the new Sensor 2S Pro bar. The only, titanium trussed, carbon fiber control bar. A bar that exhausts superlatives. A bar we are very proud of. We leveraged our experience in carbon fiber board building to build a 100% carbon fiber, thin grip, unibody bar reinforced with a titanium alloy truss. Although it shares many of the same features as our sensational Sensor 2S bar, it is profoundly different in that it features a full carbon fiber bar and 100% Tectanium lines, top to bottom. Go Sensor 2S Pro.

Core Sensor 2S/ 2S+ Control Bar

Core Sensor 2S/ 2S+ Control Bar

Meet the new Sensor 2S. An intelligent mid-cycle update to the exceptional Sensor 2. A bar, where engineering ingenuity meets minimalism; where ceramic bearings are used to eliminate friction in the auto untwist function; and where Tectanium is used to make the thinnest and most aerodynamic depower lines. Technical innovations that make the Sensor 2S bar system peerless. Sometimes, it's what you don’t see, that makes it so good. Still not good enough for you? Then, you are ready for the new Sensor 2S Pro.

Core Sensor 2S/ 2S+ Control Bar


Customer Reviews 6 item(s)

Boosting kite, you'll jump higher than on any other kite, easy relaunch, super userfriendly

If you want the best kite for jumping and improving on tricks, get the XR5 (or the new XR6). You'll jump higher on this kite than any other kite. Yes, there are other kites you can jump high too, but the difference is the XRs are super forgiving, so when you start jumping or pushing the limits the XRs will be your best friend. They have an insane hangtime and don't drop you out of the sky as other kites do, plus they relaunch easy and are easy to handle. They fly stably in mid of the wind-window and require very little input. Very user friendly, allround great kite. If you don't have one, you NEED to get one
Review by oliver / (Posted on 10/8/2019)

Amazing wind range with rock solid control at the upper limit of wind

I just flew the Kite in Los Barriles, Baja California, in the typical end of season gusty conditions. It was blowing 13 knots gusting to 35 with very significant lulls in between and big swells. I was out with the 9sqm Core XR4 and it performed admirably. I did not feel overpowered at any time, and got through the lulls without any problems. There were many people on the beach, all overpowered on their 9 sqm. That is for me the most outstanding feature of this kite, the amazing wind range and the smooth control in delivers at the upper end of wind. Upwind performance is amazing and relaunch as easy as advertised. Fine tuning of the bar feedback is a very cool feature, and overall the tuning options for the kite are amazing.
Review by Ulf / (Posted on 3/26/2017)

Intuitive to fly, direct steering, bar depower.

First tried an XR4 12m on a light wind day. Compared to my Switchblade 12m the kite feel is direct with less low end grunt.

My second demo on a XR4 12m was in ideal winds – 18 mph. The kite has almost no pull when standing on shore or preparing for a water start (a large amount of bar depower), steering is smooth and jumps are easy to time. I was able to excite the kite to generate a bit more explosive power for wake-style riding; achieving pop is different from what I am used to on a Switchblade requiring more board technique.
Overall impression: intuitive to fly with direct steering, sheets out power with ease.
Review by Michael / (Posted on 1/3/2017)

Huge Air, light bar pressure

This is my favorite kite for jumping. I use the WOO to measure my jumps and the XR4 always has the biggest jumps with the smoothest loftiest landings. It also has very light bar pressure, and even with the light bar pressure I still feel very in control of the kite. It is a bit pricey, but definitely worth it if you kite a lot. Not a good surf kite, but if you into big air, this is the kite!
Review by Brian / (Posted on 1/3/2017)

Fun kite for jumping

This kite jumps to the moon! Every time I tried to jump this lite launched me into the air. Jumping was so easy with this kite. It has a light bar pressure which I really loved.
Review by Nathan / (Posted on 7/27/2015)

Massive boost

Took out the 12m yesterday and this kite has massive boost! The Core XR4 really is insane. It's the perfect kite for folks who want an all around kite with light bar pressure that will send you to the moon.
Review by Sky walker / (Posted on 7/27/2015)

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