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2019 Slingshot Hover Glide FSurf Foil

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2019 Slingshot Hover Glide FSurf Foil

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2019 Slingshot Hover Glide FSurf Foil

The company that gave kiters the Slingshot Foil Academy has made some major improvements to its 2019 hydrofoils. The 2019 Slingshot hydrofoils are even better and easier for beginner and advanced foilers alike, as seen in the 2019 Slingshot Hover Glide Fsurf Foil. The new Hover Glide FSurf foil has a new re-engineered carbon construction, which gives it more range and makes it more efficient.

What Slingshot Says About the 2019 Slingshot Hover Glide FSurf Foil

All Hover Glide wings have been reengineered for 2019 with new carbon composite construction. The magic feel of the Infinity 76 comes from its inverted gull wing shape that essentially gives you the easiest lift and glide performance. The great lift and stability at low speeds makes learning to foil a breeze, but fear not, this is not a wing you will outgrow. Its unique shape will make turning and pumping feel like second nature. After all what fun would riding waves be if you couldn’t turn? With the new Infinity wing, you will be making endless lap around your friends.


Ride waves the way you want to not the way you have to. 

Easy to catch a wave. Once you are up it rides waves effortlessly without the need for excessive “monkey pumping”. Unless of course you want to pump, then go for it on the way out. IMPORTANT NOTE: There are plenty of foils out there with tons of lift, but they tend to be super slow and can’t keep up with most waves without pumping to generate speed. Faster foils, meanwhile, need more speed to get going and don’t really work for the small, rolling waves foilers love so much. The FSurf package, equipped with our new INFINITY 76 wing, is the best of both worlds. A large outline provides all the low-end lift and pump-ability you’ll ever need, while its unique inverted gull wing shape allows for much faster top-end speeds than foils with similar surface area.

For wake foilers, The FSURF is ideal for those with the foil fever who already know how to handle more lift at slower speeds and hope to ride every wave in sight, both large and small. 3rd wave is a breeze, 4th and 5th are calling your name too. Surf ANY boat, and even ride the flats with a little whip and the power of the pump. This foil is also suggested for heavier riders in the 200 + lb range.


  • New Infinity 76 wing - tons of lift, tons of range
  • New carbon composite construction - more range and more efficient
  • Modular Hover Glide system
  • Shift fuse allows different connection for different performance
  • 61 cm (24”) Aluminum mast - sturdy, super durable, ideal size for surfing
  • Safe-T winglets prevent injury


  • Mast Height = 61cm
  • Fuselage Length = 610mm
  • Combined Weight = 11.4 lbs



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Easy to learn- you will never outgrow

Can't believe how easy was to learn using 2019 SLINGSHOT HOVER GLIDE FSURF FOIL lots of lift very stable can't wait ton ride again! Please just be careful is very addictive !
Review by Maxbike / (Posted on 10/31/2018)

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