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Flysurfer Soul Foil Kite

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Flysurfer Soul Foil Kite


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PACKAGE INCLUDE:  Kite & Kite Bag. 



Olly Bridge's King of the Air entry video, featuring a Flysurfer Soul foil kite, is making waves in the kiting community! Will 2019 be the year of the foil kite at KOTA!? We'll have to wait and see...but foil kites are definitely getting the attention they deserve! (See the official entry video at the bottom of this page!)

The 2019 Flysurfer Soul was just reviewed by The Kiteboarder Magazine. Check out what TKB's testers thought of the kite.

Here's What Flysurfer Has to Say about the Flysurfer Soul Foil Kite 

X-Light / DLX+ Construction

At FLYSURFER Kiteboarding, we blended the SOUL’s construction with lightness and durability. The new X-Light Fabric has the best qualities for maximum performance and impressive longevity. The incredibly lightweight (32g / m²) double-ripstop material is highly tear-resistant as well as airtight, and provides an extremely smooth sail. The leading edge is protected with durable DLX + against dirt and abrasion. This ultra light foilkite is the best travel compagnion. When it comes to materials and components, the SOUL’s is built to last and perform at the highest freeride standards on any terrain. Full Control with Precise Turning Every size’s construction aspect ratio is optimized and trimmed to give you the best foilkite response possible. Trust in the high backstall resistancy blended with smooth power delivery to master your new tricks or simply get going.

The SOUL‘s precise turning with consistant power throughout a loop has been created to give you the ultimate control at any time. Experience Short Lines The SOUL gives you a sublime hydrofoil experience by using short flying lines (from 12-17m, depending on the size), to allow for the fastest maneuvers. This setup enables a more direct feel of the kite and generates less lift, which is perfect for learning a new aspect of the kitesport and adds safety whilst teaching on land or snow. One Line Relaunch The development team created a new outline assuring a superb relaunch of the SOUL.

Safety is a key fact and restarting your kite from to water by pulling one steering line must be similar on any system. The SOUL combines all benefits of a foilkite with the same methodical relaunch of a LEI-Kite to make exercises as simple as possible. Maintenance - Bridle Check The SOUL offers a wide variation of tools for maintenance. The new bridle check can be done by measuring and comparing the black marked lines at the canopy to compensate stretch or shrink of the bridle. The individual levels of the kite are controlled with different ratios by the Mixer and thus influence the angle of attack and the curvature of the profile.

Adjustments after heavy use over years should be done to keep the products performance and ensure a long-term use of the SOUL. Improved Automatic Drainage System Safety is a central matter in the development of our products, and the automatic drainage system is an important component when it comes to trust. The interior and the choice of material of a FLYSURFER closed-cell foilkite is optimized to absorb as little water as possible and, in case of a long wash or windhole, to ensure that it can restart. This feature separates us from the competition, enabling deep water launches and gives the customer confidence to relaunch our kites in the lightest breeze.

SOUL package consists of: 1x SOUL Kite only 1x SOUL Light Bag 1x Kite Safety Guide 1x Sandbag 1x Repair Kit

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Impressive light wind performance.

I purchased a 12m Soul from GreenHat a few months ago and have really been enjoying the kite. I have used it exclusively for freeride foiling in the 7-15 knot range and have been very impressed with the kites ability to stay flying well in lulls of even 5 or 6 knots. One major benefit of this kite over LEIs in light wind is its ability to gradually drift back into position if you accidentally overshoot it while jumping. Initially, I would pull a loop to avoid front stalling it, but soon found that this wasn't necessary. It can be disconcerting at first since the kite sits so high in the window, but its stability there is remarkable. I have used the kite with both 17 and 20 meter lines, and thus far prefer the 17s due to a more responsive feel. Another benefit of the Soul, and I'm assuming most other foil kites for that matter (I have no experience with others) is the ability to subtly adjust power when riding fast. This ability to fine tune the trim was apparent the first time I went out with the kite, and it was immediately clear why hydrofoil racers opt for foil kites over LEIs.
Review by Rob / (Posted on 1/8/2020)

Awesome kite! Will be replacing all of my LEI's

I purchased a 10m Soul about 4 months ago as my first foil kite. Coming from LEI's I was worried about relaunch, set-up, bridles, etc, etc. After only a few sessions these things all became very comfortable.
I have been so impressed with the jumping and upwind ability of this kite. I also love how forgiving it is if you fall or overshoot the kite. It falls slowly, giving you plenty of time to re-direct or correct. Relaunch is really not hard. The best approach has been to be patient. After a minute or so, the kite usually figures itself out and you can send it back in the air on one steering line or both with a reverse launch.
I have only used this kite for foiling. I have found the wind range to be incredible. I have had sessions with wind 8-10kts and other sessions with gusts to 25kts. For me, the ideal range for the 10m is 14-18kts. I prefer powered freeride on my foil.

My only negative experience has been launching in narrow spaces, where it just takes some extra planning. Apparently drift launching is possible but I have not tried it yet. They definitely fly slower than LEI's of the same size, however, now that I am used to it, it does not bother me. I am able to loop it quite easily now. I recently re-tuned my kite after the first few months of use and found the process simple and easy.

I am totally sold on these kites and will be replacing my LEI's over time. Looking forward to getting additional sizes!
Review by Ted / (Posted on 12/22/2019)

Beginner friendly foil kite, one kite that can do it all, foil, jumps, waves, relaunch. Flysurfer hit it our of the ballpark with it.

I used to ride only Tube kites and this kite has changed everything for me. I used to have a 17/15/12m tube kite and this kite covers all the wind ranges my old tube kites had. Major plus is that it is super beginner friendly. It was the first foil kite I have owned and now I own two. you can fly a 15meter in 7-8mphs al the way up to over 20mphs. Relaunch is super easy and user friendly. Setup is a bit intimidating in the beginning but once you have it down you'll be faster than any tube kite.
Review by Oliver / (Posted on 10/7/2019)

five star rating, performance totally outweighs downsides. Bought a second soul already.

I have had a 15 m soul for six months now, and I have been on it maybe 6 sessions. I agree with everything above. Still working on how to efficiently land and pack this kite. The bosting is amazing. Only down side is slow turning.
Review by D-dawg,...from Sin City / (Posted on 8/2/2019)

Does it all!

I am a beginner kiter and a novice foiler. I had some reservations before purchasing the Soul but Brian assured me that I would not be disappointed. He was absolutely right.

My first concern was relaunch in the surf. Unless a wave actually crashes on the kite (which has not yet happened to me), I think the Soul has an advantage over traditional LEIs. I dropped my kite in the surf twice and the broken waves (2-4 ft) actually rolled under it. On a separate occasion, I dropped the kite in the ocean on a 9-12 knot day and relaunched after 10 minutes of sitting in the water. Relaunch was far easier than expected.

My second concern was performance in gusty conditions. I just finished a session with winds from 11-23 knots and the Soul far exceeded my expectations. It is remarkably stable in the air and I could not be happier.

Boosting with this kite is a dream; my first few backrolls all turned into doubles until I realized I had so much more air time than expected; I add grabs to all of my front rolls just because I have extra time! I’m not sure that I’m boosting higher than I did with a LEI but the extra loft is incredible. Landings are certainly softer.

As a novice foiler, I find this kite to be reassuring. On two occasions, I’ve foiled on a 9-12 knot day; ordinarily, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to even try but the Soul is perfectly fine in those conditions. I will easily double my time on the water this summer.

I purchased an 8 and a 12 about three weeks ago but I've only flown the 12 so far. Turning speed is slower compared to a similarly sized inflatable but not surprising given the shape of this kite; I think turning speed for the 12m Soul is comparable to my 15 m Core XR5 (which I just sold). I was daunted by the bridle system but after a few sessions, set up (without the bar attached) is as fast as setting up an inflatable. Initial launch is a piece of cake; I have tried various methods to land and have so far found it best with anyone’s assistance. I tell a bystander that I’m bringing the kite down to him/her and all he/she has to do is hold the bottom wing tip against the sand; I bring the kite down, the bystander holds the bottom tip, I walk toward him/her and the kite lays down. Easy peasy.

I cannot say enough good things about this kite and recommend it without reservation.
Review by Jamison / (Posted on 4/27/2019)

Great kite for a beginner kiter who is curious about foil kites but is nervous to try them!

This is an awesome first foil kite to fly! I was afraid of foil kites, having ridden only LEI kites for the 2 and 1/2 years that I've kited. The Flysurfer Soul took my fear away and got me excited about foil kites. You don't have to be an expert kiter to fly this amazing kite. You just need to try it once, and you'll want to add foils to your quiver.

I'm a beginner foiler, and the Soul makes foilboard waterstarts so much easier. And while foiling, you'll feel like a feather cruising on the water. The kite was much easier to launch than I expected, and once in the air, the kite just floats. So much fun, so much lift, such a smooth ride! I took one star off because it's a slower turning kite than the light wind inflatables that I've tried for foiling, but I think this just takes a few sessions to get used to.

I didn't drop the kite, so I can't address its relaunch ability, but the other riders who used the kite with me said it's very easy to relaunch. If you're curious about foil kites, try the Soul. It's a very friendly, fun kite to fly--on a foilboard or a TT. Very smooth ride!
Review by Kristinv / (Posted on 1/14/2019)

Awesome kite - big boosting and hang time and great upwind ability.

Wow- this is an amazing kite
I purchased the 2018 FlySurfer Soul 15 m 2 months ago.
I have been riding Ocean Rodeo Tube kites with a twin tip for 2 years and just started foil boarding 3 months ago. I was intrigued by foil kites with their claim of increased boost and less work going up wind. This kite has been amazing - it has certainly lived up to those 2 claims. My jumping went from 20 ft to 30 plus feet on this kite and it is a dream to get up wind on, you just don't have to work very hard to regain ground you have lost with your jumping. I started to over rotate on my back rolls so just started to do double back rolls with this kite which I haven't been able to do on my tube kites. The wind range of 8-22 knots that is listed on FlySurfer's website was pretty unbelievable- but it is true. I have used the kite for foil boarding in 8 knots and just had it out yesterday on my twin tip in 20 gusting to 25 knots . With this amazing wind range you could drop your tube kite quiver of 8,10,12 and 14 M kites to just a 10 and 15 M Soul.
On the negative side - there are a lot of small lines that make up the bridle and it takes some time to get used to untangling them. There is definitely more set up time and maintenance with the foil kite. The kite material is not as hardy as with tube kites and much more prone to small tears or punctures.
The launching takes some practise but is much easier than with a tube kite , but unfortunately landing the kite by yourself is pretty tough. You have to flag it by pulling one of the steering lines to land the kite.
When riding the kite you have to get used to keeping the kite fully sheeted in all the way through your jump or any big air tricks. If you sheet out like you do on a tube kite the foil kite will fly very far up in the wind and lose power. Once you get on to this you will be very impressed with the boost and hang time of this kite.
In summary- This kite is very easy to transition to from a tube kite. You will be very impressed with the increased boost , hang time and the great upwind ability. The small negatives of increased set up time and self-landing issues are worth it for the increased performance.
Definitely a 5 star rating

FROM GREEN HAT: If the bar is not detached from the kite, the setup takes a fraction of time and is actually much faster than setting up an inflatable.
Review by Grant / (Posted on 1/5/2019)

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