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2019 Eleveight CSeries Vary Control Bar

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2019 Eleveight CSeries Vary Control Bar


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Includes: Eleveight CSeries Vary Control Bar



2019 Eleveight CSeries Vary Control Bar

With it's root in the Best Kiteboarding brand, Eleveight combines the roots of pure watersport spirit with the expression and style of modern time.

What Eleveight Says About the 2019 Eleveight CSeries Vary Control Bar

The CSeries VARY bar is our latest control system, compatible with all Eleveight kites and most other four line wings on the market. Several innovative performance features are packed into a clean, functional design. Integrated bar ends enable the rider to change the bar stick’s width by 8 cm in only seconds. They also give easy access to the backline adjustment.

The reduced diameter bar stick is covered with an anti-slip EVA thermo-foam, making the bar ultra-comfortable while ensuring perfect handling in any trick. The bar comes with the most innovative safety system on the market: the Quick-Matic release. With an activation pressure of 6kg at 200kg load, the Quick-Matic system is compliant to the French Norm. The release activates the single front line safety, meaning that the kite will flag out on a single front line, gently falling from the sky.

To reassamble the Quick-Matic, simply click the chicken loop back into the system. No need to fiddle with the cuff. The new 5 mm depower line can be customized in length and works with the original clam cleat. All metal parts are made of 316 Marine grade stainless steel and our high-performance thermo-coated lines are produced in Germany. The bar is shipped with a bar bag and a short leash, ideal for surfing or freeriding.

Key Features of the 2019 Eleveight CSeries Vary Control Bar

  • 4 line bar with single front line safety
  • Innovative Quick-Matic release system with top swivel
  • Customizable de-power length with clam cleat
  • Front and backline trim option
  • Kook proof connection system
  • French norm safety compliance
  • Thermocoated high performance lines made in Germany
  • Short safety leash included


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Almost Perfect

I bought this bar before taking a two week trip to Brazil. I have put 30 sessions on it with a total riding time of about 44 hours (Thanks Woo tracking!) with a 9m and 12m. I ride pretty hard, like to jump A LOT and do loops. Bar is almost like new except for some fraying on the depower rope where is interfaces with the cleat and the QR becoming a bit stickier. Overall I am happy, but wish it had some different characteristics. See comments below.

I have flown with Best Red bars which are basically North Trust bars with better lines and worse hand grips, and several generations of Ozone bars. None have met my dream of being the best bar available, but this Eleveight comes very close.

- Very high quality flying lines. These have shown no tendency to wear. I love that Eleveight splices them as well instead of just stitching the lines. Puts the North Trust line to shame.
- Very comfy bar. Squishy grip much like modern North bars. Similar to Ozone V4. Much better than the rough Best Red bars or the Ozone V2 bars.
- Adjustable bars ends. These are like the North Trust style where you pop out and rotate an insert. Better to do on land, but I have done it once on the water with the kite sitting on a wingtip. Wish Ozone V4 and North Click bar had these.
- Depower rope wear is very good. Much better than the Best Red bars (Basically the North Trust bar in this sense). The braid is much finer, maybe this is why.
- Donkeydick is ribbed to keep it from slipping out. The Red bars had North Ironheart QRs, and those Donkeydicks sometimes slipped out of the hook.
- Line bungees are nice and have slots where they recess when not in use.
- Bar looks very user serviceable, not much super special hardware.

- Manual untwister better than Ozone V2, similar to Ironheart IV, not as nice a Ozone V4 or modern Cabrinha.
- Flag out line locks into the QR. Means that it DOES NOT spin when you use the manual untwister. If you loop a lot to one side the flag out line begins to twist. No serios issue, it just means that you have to manually untwist before/after a session, or loop the other way. North Ironheat V on Click Bar and Ozone V4 have excellent swivels to prevent this. I wish Eleveight bar had that.
- The ring on the flag out line can be used normal or suicide. Can get in the way when unhooking, but nothing more than the average setup. Similar to Ozone bars or Ironheat IV on Red/Trust bars. Ironheart V is gold standard here, wish Eleveight was like that.

- QR is a pain to reset. Videos suggest it is easy, just insert the loop into the QR cuff, but what you fail to see is how much force is needed to do this. I am not a whimp at all, good luck to you if you are weak or tired. Ozone V4 Click-in Loop is the gold standard, North QRs are a close second. I would rate this Eleveight QR similar to the Ozone V2 in terms of difficulty. Not fun to reset.
Review by Martin / (Posted on 12/15/2018)

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