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CORE Union Pro Pad and Straps

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CORE Union Pro Pad and Straps

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Suped up to Union Pro Pads & Straps. With two adjustable Velcro straps and virtually unlimited adjustability, there is no better choice. The orthotic EVA footpads with its “toe grabber” 3D surface will hold your feet securely even on those off balance landings. With a base plate that can accommodate nine different stances and three pad insert options we are sure you will find the perfect setup for your riding style. Similar customization options are found with the CORE Union Pro straps to give you the perfect fit even with booties on! The dual strap design features effortless pitch, longitudinal and height adjustments to support your foot perfectly. We lined the strap interior with padded neoprene while protecting the exterior with durable synthetic leather. 


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Core straps union pro 2

Not so great!
It looks fine and comfortable buuut it have many problems.
The velcro fail and the base, in my case, broke and I take off with only 2 months of use.
Review by Gonzalo / (Posted on 2/26/2019)

The ONLY Choice for Core Boards...

I ordered these to replace the pads/straps that came with my Core Fusion board. They were the older style with a single strap as opposed to the new two-strap configuration. In my case, one of the old straps was tearing near the base, so I figured these new ones with two straps would be a bit more robust. So far the straps have been just that. The old straps were screwed to the base, these loop through plastic slots and should not tear like the old ones did. The pads are a different shape but probably no more comfy. The ability to adjust the shape of the strap with the two Velcro closures is better though, can form everything to your foot. Also, I like the duct adjustment available. I was concerned that the duct adjustment would feel flimsy and be a point of failure, but everything feels solid when bolted down, so no worries there.

The only complaint I have is that the pads are laminated foam and therefore do not sit rigidly against the board. That is, you can lift of the heel or toe side of the pad from the deck of the board. Most pads do this, but the problem here is that Core laminated at least to sheets of foam together to make the pad. One of my pads has already torn on the bottom after I bombed a darkslide: the water simply got injected between the board and the pad, so the thin sheet of foam on the bottom tore. The only real result in that the pad is a little floppier, but there is no real danger of losing the pad. I have a set of Nobile pads that are similar in that they are not rigid, but they are a single piece molded rubber that pretty much cannot tear.

The handle that Core uses has not changed, so the topmost layer still peels off after a while.

All in all, I do not mind these pads/straps, but if I could use another brand’s gear I probably would. Alas Core uses different bolt spacing, so I have no choice. Could buy some Carved pads, but I could probably afford another kite for the same price.
Review by Martin / (Posted on 8/18/2017)

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