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Core Nexus Kite

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Core Nexus Kite


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The Core Nexus

An incredibly user friendly kite, the Core Nexus is both graceful and powerful at the same time. During our testing, we found the Nexus to be a perfect solution for kiters looking for a kite that xcels in waves, foilboarding, and free riding. The kite is super stable and its lighter bar feel makes it ideal for female and smaller riders. 

What Core Says About the Core Nexus

Meet the multi-talented Universal+ Series Nexus with fully customizable handling. An athletic kite that is never too cool to learn a new trick. Whether it's on your favorite surfboard or twintip, the Nexus brings exceptional versatility to wave and freestyle riding. 

Our latest design is a product of the phenomenal Section 2, the indomitable GTS and fourteen years of intensive kite development. An allrounder that instantly endeared itself to our wave+ prodigy, Willow and megaloop rockstar, Akkie. 

Amazing things happened when we spliced the genes of the GTS4 and Section 2 into the Nexus. Take for example the Nexus’ CIT, the fancy acronym behind the kite’s adjustable handling modes. It lets you finetune the kite’s power and turn radius. Akkie likes his megaloops big and powerful, so he selects the CIT’s freestyle setting whereas Willow prefers the wave mode for tighter loops (on his bottom turns). The wave mode also makes the kite turn faster, increases depower and doesn’t pull you off your strapless board. We can’t forget to mention the CIT’s standard setting. In allround mode, the Nexus pulls a little more, increases hangtime (woohoo!), and turns a little slower. Perfect behaviors for newer kiters, and anyone who prefers a more relaxed riding style.

The all-new Nexus inherits many of CORE’s best innovations including its linear power delivery, three strut frame, and Radical Reaction Tips from the GTS. It also acquired the incredible handling, huge wind range, and Surf Profile from the Section 2. 

The new Nexus makes fast friends everywhere. Like a big day on Silver Rock’s legendary reef. Or the buttery lagoons dotting Portugal’s west coast. 

 Core Control Bars

Core Sensor 2S Pro Control Bar

Core Sensor 2S Pro Control Bar

Meet the new Sensor 2S Pro bar. The only, titanium trussed, carbon fiber control bar. A bar that exhausts superlatives. A bar we are very proud of. We leveraged our experience in carbon fiber board building to build a 100% carbon fiber, thin grip, unibody bar reinforced with a titanium alloy truss. Although it shares many of the same features as our sensational Sensor 2S bar, it is profoundly different in that it features a full carbon fiber bar and 100% Tectanium lines, top to bottom. Go Sensor 2S Pro.

Core Sensor 2S/ 2S+ Control Bar

Core Sensor 2S/ 2S+ Control Bar

Meet the new Sensor 2S. An intelligent mid-cycle update to the exceptional Sensor 2. A bar, where engineering ingenuity meets minimalism; where ceramic bearings are used to eliminate friction in the auto untwist function; and where Tectanium is used to make the thinnest and most aerodynamic depower lines. Technical innovations that make the Sensor 2S bar system peerless. Sometimes, it's what you don’t see, that makes it so good. Still not good enough for you? Then, you are ready for the new Sensor 2S Pro.

Core Sensor 2S/ 2S+ Control Bar


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The Friendly Side of Core -- the Nexus!

I have always been intimidated by Core kites. They're expensive and I felt, as a fairly new kiter, that I wasn't skilled enough to appreciate a Core kite. Turns out I was wrong--every newbie should have a Core kite, specifically the Nexus. I've tested the XR, GTS, Section and Nexus now, and the Nexus is by far my favorite of the Core Kites. It's a very fun, easy to handle kite. And not just for newbies! I was kiting with some very advanced kiters when I tried the Nexus and they all seemed to appreciate the kite as much as I did. I didn't get a chance to try the different settings--apparently you can adjust the kite to fly like a wave and freestyle kite. I had it on the freestyle settings, and I loved it. I would definitely recommend this kite to anyone who wants a well made, friendly kite. I am no longer intimidated by Core kites.
Review by Kristinv / (Posted on 1/29/2019)

No disappointment, I recommend for beginner or wave riders

After trying a couple of Core kites and some research I went with a 12m Free. Primary purpose is to teach my girl on a user-friendly kite. She had been learning on my Switchblade that tends to be a bit punchy / high-aspect for a beginner. The secondary purpose is for wave riding, I'll review both applications.
For a beginner the kite is predictable when sitting high at 12:00. Over-flying your head and back-stall is minimal; without sudden movements that need skilled response to recover from. My girl thinks this is a game changer after flying for the first time, I real confidence booster for her, one handed kite control was instant.
The re-launch is simple with enough wind to move the kite to your side. At lower winds it takes a little more skills and technique to re-launch. I’m seeing the need to “excite the kite” for it work is magic. Can feel slow and a bit of a dog when getting going or turning. This is overcome with a more aggressive technique not understood by a beginner. On the flip or safe side: power is easily shut off when gust/high winds hit.

For wave riding the kite depowers and drifts well. Turning speed it based on a learned technique, feels sluggish to initiate steering until you get the feel of it then it is direct. The free does good in the upper wind range 20-28 mph as power can easily be shed off by pushing the bar out. I'm thinking the top end of a 12m is 30ish with some performance loss.

The things I wish the Core Free did better is turning feel for beginners. It’s different than what I’m used to but merely a matter of line tension. The technique for responsive turning is keeping the rear lines tight by moving the kite more aggressively in lighter winds or edging the board. Neither is intuitive for a beginner (less of an issue for a grunty high-aspect kite). The Free has a slight nuisance flutter possibly common for a 3 strut this size in higher wind conditions. 3 adjustment points at bridal and back line connections is a bit overwhelming and appears unnecessary but time will tell (possibly this is good, once I figure out the setting based on conditions).

What I like about the Core Free is the overall simplicity and ease of use for a beginner. The wind range appears to be good on the high end with bar only de-power. The Free fly’s up-wind well and has a direct feel when attachment points are matched to conditions and technique is applied.
Review by Michael / (Posted on 12/19/2016)

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