2020 North Prime Kiteboard

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Includes: fins, handle, & hardware.


Instantly familiar, intuitive and comfortable in all conditions, the Prime allows you to progress faster. A sweet performer in all wind and water conditions, it tracks upwind smoothly, slicing splash-free through the chop. Jump and boost in full control, with forgiving landings thanks to the softer flex. Ride in tune with nature, in tune with yourself.



Balanced rocker, outline and flex for excellent upwind tracking.

Pulled in flexible tips
To slice through chop for a splash-free ride.

Stay in control
The rounded outline is easier to edge and break out the kite.

Well-balanced softer flex
For a comfortable ride and forgiving landings in all conditions, perfect for progressing tricks and jumps.

Progressive single concave
With flatter middle section allows faster early planing.

Optimum visibility
For performance and safety. Composite Sandwich Construction finished with high-vis colours.

Durable ABS rails
For long-lasting performance.

User-friendly edges
Smoothed to help protect your skin from accidental scrapes and bruises.

Integrated grab rail
To grip for board-offs.

Ergonomic handle
Lightweight and ergonomic TPE material with ultimate grip when wet.

Standardised SS316 M6x16 screws
All TwinTip board hardware enables use of the same PH3 screwdriver for assembly and makes replacement of parts super easy.



The combination of the paulownia wood core with engineered e-glass laminates layups on the top and bottom drives riding performance


Lightweight and impact-resistant, paulownia is highly renewable hardwood species, with one of the highest strength to weight ratio of any wood in the world. Ultra-lightweight, with high impact resistance, paulownia wood form a non-toxic core which significantly displaces the amount of foam or resin.


The flex characteristic of every twin-tip board is determined by the multiple features built into each specific design. Core thickness variation and taper, as well as detailing, longitudinally and laterally, play the most significant role in controlling the overall flex and feel. Board specific laminate layups then allow us to further fine-tune the flex and board characteristics. We adjust the stiffness lengthwise and torsionally in the conjunction with the rocker line, plane shape view, and profile of the board, to give each board its specific performance characteristics.