Mystic Stealth Surf Gen 3 Spreader Bar

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Sizes: 240mm (24cm) | 280mm (28cm) | 320mm (32cm)

Mystic Surf Gen 3 Stealth Bar

An ultra-thin design streamlined with Mystic's best technology. Meet the latest edition of the Stealth Bar, with optimized ergonomics and minimized pressure points. That means more freedom of movement, and more opportunities to go big, without compromising strength. With an easy closure thanks to the Lever Lock, this latest edition is Mystic's most advanced spreaderbar to date. For riders that prefer surf and freeride, the Surf Stealth Bar is equipped with two, different sized durable black Dyneema cords.  



Key Features

  • Optimized lever lock closure

  • Optimized ergonomical shape

  • Soft and grippy padding

  • Stealth Wings

  • Black Dyneema surfrope + ring

  • Buckle design provides maximum rope length

  • Smaller mid-rope for freeride or fixed surf

  • Materials: 
    • Fiber-Fusion composite (bar)
    • Black Dyneemaª (rope)
    • Non-water absorbing Flexagon Drytech




Easy Assembly Surf Rope
The Surf Rope is assembled onto the Stealthbar through a new system with 4 loops. It features a standard ring, but you can opt to replace it with North's Surf Slide Loop, which will allow for less distance between yourself and the bar. 


Rope Durability
With their sister company Rig Pro, Mystic developed the strongest Surf Rope to date. On the inside, a Marlow DSK99 Dyneema ensures optimal strength, and on the outside, a Marlow DSK75 Dyneema Chafe Sleeve is used for abrasion resistance. The rope has zero stretch and is guaranteed to stay stiff over time, even with plenty of use.


Fusion Fiber
Mystic's Fusion Fiber composite refers to the injection molded bar. This is a fiber-reinforced plastic - one of the strongest plastics out there. Combined with the steel, it's made the Stealthier Gen 3 the strongest it's ever been. 


The Steel plate of the Stealthier is ever-improving as Mystic learns more through testing and computer analysis. The combination of the steel plate with the Fusion Fiber has created the longest ultimate life cycle of the Stealthbar Gen 3 yet. 


Longer Leverlock
No more struggles in tightening your setup. Gen 3's Leverlock features longer legs and slop, to double the amount of tightening from 2cm to 4cm. 


Dry Tech Stealth Foam
Dry Tech Stealth Foam allows Mystic to control the softness and grip of the spreader bar. The Foam sits comfortably on the ribs, ensuring you can kite for longer. 


Webbing Connector Grip
All the little things will help get you set up quicker. An improved grip on the Webbing Connector makes it easier to grab and tighten your webbing. 

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