2019 Ion Apex CS 15 Kiteboarding Harness

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Featuring ION's innovative CS design, the Apex CS 15 is one of the stiffest harnesses of ION's range (flex index 15)*

2019 Ion Apex CS 15 Harness

The new Ion Apex CS harness lines have a stiffness scale built into the name, so you can easily tell how much stiffness/support you're getting from each model. On a scale of 1-20, the Ion Apex CS 15 is very stiff, very comfortable and provides excellent back support. We tried the harness at this year's AWSI event in Hood River and loved it. Try it out for yourself!

What Ion Says About the 2019 Ion Apex CS 15 Harness

Featuring our innovative CS design, the Apex CS 15 is one of the stiffest harnesses of our range (flex index 15)*. All harness loads are perfectly distributed due to the stiff pre-shaped center part, whilst flexible side parts allow you to move and twist freely. Together with the high outline it is offering all the comfort you could possibly wish for. The 3D shaped Archbar and water absorbent Hyperfoam add to the harness' outstanding performance for extra-long water action.

*Flex Index (1-20): The flex index describes the rigidity of the harness.
Higher flex index = hard and rigid = direct feeling
Lower flex index = soft and flexible = comfortable

Key Features of The 2019 Ion Apex CS 15

  • Composite Shape: Extremely strong composite construction for outstanding back support with flexible sideparts
  • C_Bar 2.0: fiber reinforced injection material with a modular exchangeable rope and metal hook
  • Internal Flex_Belt: Keeps your harness in place when unhooked
  • Inside EVA: Internal EVA construction for optimised comfort

    XS: 28-30
    S: 30-32
    M: 32-34
    L: 34-36
    XL: 36-38
    XXL: 38+

    Item no. 48902-4700