2022 Cabrinha :02 Moto 12m Kiteboarding Kite USED

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Includes: kite and kite bag

This kite has been used less than 15 times and is in good condition. It has never been damaged or needed repair. 

:02 Cabrinha Moto


No matter what the conditions or what style of riding, the Moto has something for every rider. 

The most versatile kite in Cabrinha's range, the Moto provides lightweight control and immediate response through its unique blend of Pure Arc Segments and Pure Profile segments.  This gives the smoothest, cleanest arc shape on the market and an incredibly clean airflow. 

Whether riding a twin tip, surfboard or hydrofoil, the Moto is the ultimate one kite does it all in the Cabrinha range. 


Design Profile
3 Strut, moderate aspect ratio hybrid design, reactive wing tip, fast, lean and efficient profiles.


:02 Cabrinha Moto Features

  • Pure Arc Segments
    Specifically designed for the Moto, the Increased leading edge segments provide a smooth, high definition and aerodynamic arc.


  • Forward Drive 
    The Moto’s unique profiles combined with the reduced coning of the arc shape allow the Moto to fly incredibly fast through the wind window.


  • Unrivaled Versatility
    Excellent for freeride, surf, freestyle and foiling


  • Simplicity Personified
    The Moto’s light bar pressure & fast steering make it as easy to use as it gets.


  • No Pulley Bridle
    Light, simple and responsive. No pulleys provides incredible feedback.


  • Direct and Responsive Steering Input and Feedback
    Bar input immediately translates into kite adjustment.


  • 3-strut Lightweight Design


  • High Tenacity Dacron
    Cabrinha's Dacron is specifically designed for inflated kite structures.  The construction of this material is very warp orientated using ultra high tenacity yarns with an increased thread count to combat elongation in the warp direction under the high inflation pressures.  Lower elongation make for a more accurate kite with less deformation while in flight.


  • Nano Ripstop Canopy
    The benchmark in durability, stability and responsiveness.  A higher level of performance can only be achieved when the kite's design properties are supported by a stable and reactive kite material.  Nano Ripstop does just that.


  • Heavy Duty Closing Seam Construction


  • Strategic Canopy Reinforcements
    Reinforcements have been added in high stress areas.


  • Pure Profile Panels
    For efficient aerodynamics.