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2019 Eleveight FS

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2019 Eleveight FS


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Package Includes: Eleveight FS and Kite Bag



2019 Eleveight FS

A bridled C-kite, the 2019 Eleveight FS a fast turning kite, great for unhooking and megaloops. If you like to push yourself during your freestyle sessions, the 2019 Eleveight FS will keep you smiling. The kite is also ideal wave kiters who want a faster kite to help pull them through the waves.

What Eleveight Says About the 2019 Eleveight FS Kite

The FSeries is a high-performance kite addressed to advanced riders that seek the thrill of radical freestyle tricks and staggering big airs. The four line Open-C design is paired with a high aspect ratio, low sweep, and short bridles. Loaded up, it generates a massive pop followed by plenty of line slack and travel. Hooked-in, riders will experience an explosive lift.

By shifting the turning axis towards the wingtips we achieved the perfect balance between turning speed and power development. The FS’ piloting is swift and direct but unleashes raw energy in loops. Even with the focus on performance and radical maneuvers, the FS does not lack in riding comfort. On the contrary, the kite covers a huge wind range, easily rides upwind and cushions gusts.

High quality is our obligation. The FS is constructed using solely prime grade materials such as the new X4 Ripstop canopy made by Techno Force™ from Japan and the new Teijin Dacron with high-temperature resin finish, resulting in enhanced durability and performance.

The FS is a true performance powerhouse made to boost your adrenaline and skills to the next level.

Key Features for the 2019 Eleveight FS

  • 5 strut open C design
  • High aspect ratio
  • Fast and powerful turning characteristics
  • Loads of line slack for freestyle
  • Big air and fast looping
  • Good upwind performance and great stability
  • Techno Force X4 ripstop canopy
  • Light wind sizes (14 & 16 m are equipped with 3 m extensions)
  • E/8 trusted quality

Wind Range

FS Wind Range

 2019 Eleveight Control Bar

2019 Eleveight C-Series Vary Control Bar

2019 Eleveight C-Series Vary Bar

The CSeries VARY bar is our latest control system, compatible with all Eleveight kites and most other four line wings on the market. Several innovative performance features are packed into a clean, functional design. Integrated bar ends enable the rider to change the bar stick’s width by 8 cm in only seconds.


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