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2019 Duotone Rebel Kite

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2019 Duotone Rebel Kite

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Regular Price: $1,199.00

Special Price $959.00

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2019 Duotone Rebel

Designed by legend Ken Winner, the 2019 Duotone Rebel is the THE classic freeride kite. Known and loved for its legendary performance, big air superiority and a stunning hang time, this 2019 Rebel builds upon the 2018 model’s success with enhancements that result in better handling and boosting capabilities. The thinner leading edge makes the new Duotone Rebel more efficient, but also allows it to twist, increasing the turning speed and making the handling very dynamic. The new flatter profile in the centre of the kite adds power and improves the flying characteristics. Even more important for performance, the kite now jumps higher and floats for longer, making massive airs even easier! The kite can be flown in the standard 4 line set up, but there is a 5th line upgrade available as well, and both configurations work perfectly with the Click Bar. The 2019 Duotone Rebel has a huge wind range. There is plenty of low-end and high-end power, and the 5-strut design keeps the canopy stable even in gusty conditions. The kite’s sheet and go handling makes it incredibly easy to fly, so it’s suitable for every level of kiter. This iconic kite has long been the freeride standard all other kites try to emulate, now the bar is set even higher, the new 2019 Rebel will blow you away.

Reviewers with The Kiteboarder Magazine loved the previous model Rebel and said the following about the kite: “Love the 4-line simplicity with the Rebel performance characteristics! This is the same upwind boosting machine, a little more stable than last year’s version, and might sit a bit deeper in the window. Great performance freeride kite!”

Duotone tells us that the 2019 Rebel is even better!

Key Features for the 2019 Duotone Rebel

  • Reduced diameter leading edge - A thinner leading edge makes the rebel more efficient, but also allows it to twist, increasing the turning speed and making the handling very dynamic.
  • Flatter centre shape - A new flatter profile in the centre of the kite adds power and improves the flying characteristics.
  • Powerful lift and huge hangtime - Perfect for freeride performance with explosive powerful lift and huge as well as long hangtime.
  • Best sheet and go power development - The sheet and go handling makes a kite incredibly easy to fly.
  • Biggest windrange - The rebel can be flown in a very wide aspect of wind strengths, without changing the size.
  • 4 and 5 line setup - You can choose the best setup, depending on your preference and riding style. The 5th line makes it easier to relaunch.

Rebel Size

 2019 Duotone Control Bars

2019 Duotone Mini Click Bar

2019 Duotone Mini Click Bar

Duotone introduces the new 2019 Duotone Mini Click Bar. The Duotone Click Bar revolutionized how control their kites, and now the bar is available in a narrower version. The bar is only 42cm wide and a line length of 20m plus 2m extensions. This is a great bar for people with shorter arms, as described in our blog post here./p>

2019 Duotone Click Bar

2019 Duotone Click Bar

The unique Trim Unit of the Click Bar enables you to power and depower in precise steps at the flick of a switch. To power up your kite, turn the Winder clockwise – this shortens the length of your backlines with every half turn. To depower the kite, simply push the button in the middle of the Winder and your backlines will lengthen again with every click. This is a great bar for people with shorter arms, as described in our blog post here./p>

2019 Duotone Trust Bar

2019 Duotone Trust Bar

Duotone Trust Bar is equipped with superior functionality that makes it one of the best 4 line bars on the market. The chicken loops come in four different options, now additionally offered is a Quick Release Wakestyle Kit.


Customer Reviews 4 item(s)

A kite for everybody

Excellent and fun kite. It is great for jumping with beautiful hang time. I used a 15m, the performs in high wind is amazing, also in light winds, but is not a light wind kite.
Also, tested a 9m, and I love it. It is fast and has an excellent wind range.
Review by Gonzalo / (Posted on 1/13/2020)

Great kite. Especially in higher winds.

Really fun kite. Great for jumping. Loves to climb. Not the fastest turning kite but pretty good. Ocean Rodeo Razor turns a lot faster. Really performs well in high wind and has quite a large wind range. I find it back stalls fairly easily in light wind ( again compared to the Razor). This kite really shines in strong wind when you want to jump high.

Rebel and Razor are different types of kites. Razor is a 3 strut freestyle kite that sits deep in the wind window (stalls harder) and turns quicker. While Rebel is a 5 strut freeride kite that sits more towards the edge of the wind window, rides upwind easier, jumps higher, and has a bigger range. Razor would be better compared to a Duotone Dice than the Rebel.
Review by Steve / (Posted on 7/21/2019)

Great High Performance Freeride Kite - fun for jumping!

The Rebel is a great kite! My first kites were North 5 strut Evos, and I really liked them. They were great for going upwind, they had responsive steering, and they were as fast at turning as I needed. As a beginner, I liked the Evos, and as I improved, I continued to be very happy with the kites.

I tried the Rebel at the 2018 KiteFest, and fell in love. The Rebel did everything that the Evo did, but the Rebel was a little more fun. When I say “fun”, I mean that the kite likes to jump and hang. The kite has great upward pull, so if you’re looking to get more air and progress in jumping, the Rebel will definitely help with that.

Duotone says that the Rebel turns a little slower than the Evo, but I didn’t notice that. I did notice that the Rebel felt like it went upwind a little better than my old Evos. (Keep in mind that I am comparing the Rebel to 5 strut Evos, not the current 3 strut models). For me, the Rebel feels like natural progression from the Evo. Rebels are described as “high-performance freeride” kites, and I can see that. It’s like a sportier version of the Evo.

Like the Evo, the Rebel has a really good wind range. It has great high and decent low end. I have had some issues with the kite stalling when I fly it too far on the low-end, but not enough to take a star away from its rating. In any given session, I can usually go out earlier and stay out longer on one kite size, while other people are getting off the water to change to a bigger or smaller kite.

I have 7,9, and 12m 2019 Rebels. If you like jumping, or you feel like you want to advance your own performance, this is the kite for you.
Review by Kristinv / (Posted on 2/21/2019)

Great kite

Tested the new rebel at the demo at sandy hook and I have to say the kite does turn faster and is a little more lighter on the leading edge I was surprised .
Review by Dave / (Posted on 10/15/2018)

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