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2019 Duotone Evo

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2019 Duotone Evo


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Includes: Kite, Kite Bag & Manual



2019 Duotone Evo

Hailed as the all-around, "Swiss Army Knife" of kites, the 2019 Duotone Evo is the kite to have for every condition. The kite is ideal for every level of kiter, from beginners to advanced riders, whether you want to ride a surfboard, a twintip, boost big or even do unhooked tricks, There are no limitations for this friendly, yet aggressive performance kite. If you bring only one kite to the beach, make it the 2019 Duotone Evo.

What Duotone has to say about the 2019 Evo

The Evo is the best all rounder with an incredible wind range, precise power delivery, amazing stability and responsive handling, making it the choice for any type of conditions or riding style. The EVO was a real standout kite of last year; completely redesigned on three struts, it is now a dedicated three-strut all-rounder that impressed everyone who flew it. With incredible hangtime and massive boosting capabilities, it became one of Duotone’s most popular kites. The EVO is a delta-shaped kite designed to offer fantastic upwind performance and huge jumps. It has a dynamic turn that lends itself well to playing in the waves, and the kite is perfect for those riders looking to try their first freestyle moves too. It doesn’t matter what your style is on the water; the EVO is truly capable of handling it all. The structural stiffness of the smaller sizes has been enhanced, making them rock solid even in gusty and strong winds. Reduced bar pressure makes the kite easy to fly and very forgiving, appealing to a lot of riders across the ability spectrum. Sheet and go handling further enhances the rider experience, meaning the incredible performance of the EVO is available to everyone. If your riding isn’t confined to a particular discipline and you like to keep your options open for freestyle, big air and waves, then you need the EVOlution!

Features and Benefits

  • Best All-Arounder of the Range - An asy jumper with massive sheet-and-go qualities, offering huge depower, powerful lift and a massive hang time. It's the most accessible kite for all type of riders. 
  • Easy Water Relaunch - The relaunch is very fast and easy. Thanks to the delta design the kite doesn't stick to the water. 
  • Powerful Lift and Huge Hangtime - Perfect for freeride performance with explosive powerful lift as well as long hangtime.
  • Delta Kite - The most comfortable design with a very smooth kite profile. Upwind ability is unmatched and steering performance is very forgiving. 
  • Three-Strut Design - A lighter kite boosts agility and increases responsiveness, turning is fast and the feeling at the bar is very predictable and responsive. 
  • 4 or 5-Line Setup - You can choose the best setup, depending on your preference and riding style. The 5th line makes it easier to relaunch
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 2019 Duotone Control Bars

2019 Duotone Mini Click Bar

2019 Duotone Mini Click Bar

Duotone introduces the new 2019 Duotone Mini Click Bar. The Duotone Click Bar revolutionized how control their kites, and now the bar is available in a narrower version. The bar is only 42cm wide and a line length of 20m plus 2m extensions. This is a great bar for people with shorter arms, as described in our blog post here./p>

2019 Duotone Click Bar

2019 Duotone Click Bar

The unique Trim Unit of the Click Bar enables you to power and depower in precise steps at the flick of a switch. To power up your kite, turn the Winder clockwise – this shortens the length of your backlines with every half turn. To depower the kite, simply push the button in the middle of the Winder and your backlines will lengthen again with every click. This is a great bar for people with shorter arms, as described in our blog post here./p>

2019 Duotone Trust Bar

2019 Duotone Trust Bar

Duotone Trust Bar is equipped with superior functionality that makes it one of the best 4 line bars on the market. The chicken loops come in four different options, now additionally offered is a Quick Release Wakestyle Kit.


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Very friendly kite. Great all around, it combines good airtime with low bar pressure and also loops great.
Excellent choice for beginner and expert rider who does not unhook.
Review by Gonzalo / (Posted on 2/26/2019)

Great, versatile kite for all levels of kiters!

Duotone is kind of the Delta Tau Chi (Animal House) company of the kiting industry. It's super fun, versatile, not at all stuffy, and not at all intimidating. The 2019 Evo is exactly that as well. It's also a super user-friendly kite that is good for almost every type of condition. I've flown 5 strut Evos in the past, and I really like the 3 strut design. It's lighter, a little quicker, and it's still a great kite for beginners through intermediate kiters. I'm not an advanced kiter, but I know advanced kiters who fly only Evos because they want to be prepared for any situation. I recommend the kite to anyone who wants a kite that will help them advance their kiting skills while having a good time.
Review by Kristinv / (Posted on 1/29/2019)

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