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2018 North Vegas

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2018 North Vegas

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Includes: Kite & Kite Bag



2018 North Vegas

The Vegas is the undisputed king of the C-kites on the market, it’s the most popular freestyle and wakestyle kite and is the choice of many pro riders. With Aaron Hadlow taking two King of the Air titles and riders like Lewis Crathern and Lasse Walker , all using it when the wind gets strong; and the loops get big. The kite has an extremely stiff and stable canopy shape that generates huge amounts of lift and even more pop. The real beauty of the Vegas though is the slack that the kite has after you pop, this allows you to easily throw down new school moves and handle passes. The precise and dynamic handling of this very popular C-kite appeals to a multitude of riders. With 3 set-ups available and numerous trim options, the kite can be tuned exactly how you want it to fly. If you want the best performing C-kite on the market, the choice of champions, accept no substitutes, ride the Vegas!

Key Features for the 2018 Vegas

  • Pure c-kite design
  • 5-strut design
  • Loaded 5th line
  • Best unhooked performance and pop
  • Responsive power release delay
  • 3 available set ups and numerous trimming options
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 2018 North Control Bar Options

Both 2018 Click Bar and Trust Bar do not come with chicken loop, chicken dig and safety leash!  Kindly consider adding a style kit.

North Click Bar


 The best kite control system in the industry just got better! Last year the Click Bar revolutionised how we control our kites, this year it’s on a whole other level! There are now three different chicken loop options available offering maximum performance and customisation. The Click Bar is the ultimate tool to fly your kite; once you've tried it, you won’t want to use anything else!

North Trust Bar


For 2018 the excellent Trust Bar has some new features while retaining some of the superior functionality that makes this one of the best 4 line bars on the market. The chicken loops this year come in three different options; when you purchase your bar, you can choose the chicken loop that best suits your riding style. For 2018 there won’t be a separate 5th Element bar as before. Instead, you can purchase a 5th Element upgrade kit and turn the Trust Bar into a 5 line set-up.

Chicken Loop Options


FREERIDE KIT: The Freeride Kit comprises of the smallest chicken loop combined with a short leash. This kit is the first choice for freeriders which are not unhooking. The short chicken loop maximizes the depower range, whilst the shorter safety leash is tangle-free.


FREESTYLE KIT: The Freestyle Kit comes with a large chicken loop and a long leash. This setup is ideal for unhooked freestyle and wakestyle riding. Easy to hook back in following unhooked tricks, the long neoprene covered leash gives maximum freedom to move, comfort and prevents injuries.

Rope Harness

ROPE HARNESS KIT: The Rope Harness Kit presents a small chicken loop with a metal plate and a short leash, which can ONLY be used with a rope harness. You must not use this loop on a standard harness hook. The short chicken loop ensures maximum range of depower and it’s non-abrasive quality, means a longer lasting harness rope and loop.


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