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Core GTS5 Kite

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Core GTS5 Kite


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PACKAGE INCLUDE:  Kite & Kite Bag.   



2018 Core GTS5 Kite

If you've ever ridden a Core GTS5 Kite, you know. It's an amazing kite with quality craftsmanship that is rivaled by very few brands. Core kites are among the top performance kites available on the market today, with one of the highest resale values in the secondary market. The Core GTS5 is a great kite for hard core freestyle riders who want to throw megaloops and put on a show.

What Core Says About the 2018 Core GTS5 Kite 

The 5th Gen Freestyle Icon is here.

Our freestyle ninja won’t let you down until you’re ready to land a perfect kiteloop transition. The GTS5’s power-on-demand looping puts you in total control of the kite’s speed, turn radius, and horizontal drift. Go ahead, test the new GTS5, and find out why our megaloop champs Josh and Steven ride ‘em!

The GTS5 carries over its proven ExoTex 3 Strut Frame, Radical Reaction Tips, and Short Bridles. We optimized the leading edge diameters and tip geometry to improve flight stability especially when looping. We can’t forget to mention our new CIT Modes which customize the GTS5's handling characteristics. In Wave mode, riders dial in compact turns and more depower. Whereas Freestyle mode adds more grunt and bigger turns. The GTS comes out of the bag in Allround mode which provides excellent depower, grunt, and hangtime. Wakestylers may even notice more pop from our larger sizes.

Key Features for the 2018 Core GTS5 Kite

GTS5 Features


 Core Control Bars

Core Sensor 2S Pro Control Bar

Core Sensor 2S Pro Control Bar

Meet the new Sensor 2S Pro bar. The only, titanium trussed, carbon fiber control bar. A bar that exhausts superlatives. A bar we are very proud of. We leveraged our experience in carbon fiber board building to build a 100% carbon fiber, thin grip, unibody bar reinforced with a titanium alloy truss. Although it shares many of the same features as our sensational Sensor 2S bar, it is profoundly different in that it features a full carbon fiber bar and 100% Tectanium lines, top to bottom. Go Sensor 2S Pro.

Core Sensor 2S/ 2S+ Control Bar

Core Sensor 2S/ 2S+ Control Bar

Meet the new Sensor 2S. An intelligent mid-cycle update to the exceptional Sensor 2. A bar, where engineering ingenuity meets minimalism; where ceramic bearings are used to eliminate friction in the auto untwist function; and where Tectanium is used to make the thinnest and most aerodynamic depower lines. Technical innovations that make the Sensor 2S bar system peerless. Sometimes, it's what you don’t see, that makes it so good. Still not good enough for you? Then, you are ready for the new Sensor 2S Pro.

Core Sensor 2S/ 2S+ Control Bar


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Core GTS

Looping machine.
Awesome kite for rider who knows what they are doing.
These "open C" kite is more aggressive and less friendly than others "open C" kites.
Good range of wind in smaller kites.
Review by Gonzalo / (Posted on 2/26/2019)

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