Green Hat Dollars

Green Hat Dollars (GHD) is yet another incentive we created to encourage shopping with us and to keep you coming back. This incentive will allow you to save up to 25% on any non-clearance, new item in our online store.

Earning GHDs*:
  • At the moment, you can only earn GHDs by shopping with us. We plan on implementing other ways to earn GHDs soon (writing reviews, testimonials, blogs, etc.).
  • You earn 10% of every new, non-clearance item you purchase.
  • You earn 5% of every used, clearance items, or packages you purchase.
  • You earn 10% of every service and lesson you purchase.
  • GHDs earned will be calculated based on the total amount paid excluding shipping and taxes 
  • GHDs will automatically appear on your account 30 days after the purchase if the order has not been returned or canceled. Until then, they will be displayed as "Pending".
Spending GHDs*:
  • You can spend GHDs on any new, non-clearance product listed in our online store (Services are not included).
  • 1 GHD = $1
  • You can spend up to 25% of the total amount of the purchase of any new, non-clearance gear (excluding shipping, taxes, or any discounts) using your GHDs.
  • Once you have some GHDs on your account, you will be able to see the total amount in the GHD sidebox in the right upper corner of the store site.
  • To use your GHDs, follow normal shopping procedure; then, once you get to the Checkout page, you will see the total GHDs which can be applied towards the current purchase at the bottom of the page ("Green Hat Dollars" section). Simply check the box to apply this amount to your purchase. 

* Green Hat Kiteboarding reserves the right to change any of the above rules at any time

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