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2014 Best Kites By Style:

New Technology for 2014 Best Kites

The 2014 Best Kites are designed to be ultra-durable, user friendly and last a long time. The New Twist Lock inflation valve, only used by Best Kiteboarding, is a super wide inflation valve, which allows you to inflate the kite 3x faster and easier than the older/ smaller inflation valves. The twist lock inflation valve locks securely so the valve does not open, even during a hard crash. The Twist Lock Valve can be used with any standard kite pump using the largest inflation adapter. All 2014 Best Kites, except the basic Best Kahoona, come equipped with the Twist Lock Valve system and are single point inflation kites.

All 2014 Best Kites use a Double Core Rip-stop material, with is exclusive to Best Kiteboarding, for the canopy which makes the canopy of the kite 2x stronger than regular rip-stop material.  In the event of the kite getting a tear or rip, the double rip-stop material will help to isolate the damaged area.  

To prevent wear on your bridle lines, Best kiteboarding uses Delrin sliders, which are super durable and do not require any maintenance. These sliders are made from a soft material that is softer than your lines, which prevents wear on your lines, but are still very durable and built to last.

The Construction of Best Kites use the top quality materials and innovations to construct these kites. The leading edges are stitched with a brand new needle to minimize the hole size for each stitch and to increase the tension. The struts are laser cut and the seams are taped with Kevlar. This is the lightest most durable way to connect the leading edge and struts together.

Scuff pads are placed on the leading edge to prevent wear of the leading edge while inflated. All Best Kites also have additional patches to reinforce load bearing parts of the kite. The Dacron trailing edge increase turning speed and durability, while eliminating stretch of the kite while flapping in the wind.  

Best Kiteboarding Gives 100% to Kiteboarding Technology

Unlike many other companies Best Kiteboarding dedicates 100% of their time, effort, and technology into kiteboarding. They didn’t evolve from windsurfing or wakeboarding, they are purely a kiteboarding company that devotes all its technology expenses into creating only the best kiteboarding products.

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