2014 NJ KiteFest

We are planning a full day of activities on a private beach. If you’re a kiteboarder or thinking about getting into the sport, this is the event you don’t want to miss.

Check out the event facebook page regularly for all updates.

When: Saturday, April 26th starting at 11am wind or no wind (rain date will be Sunday, April 27th)

Where: Sandy Hook Bay Catamaran Club124-144 Center Ave, Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716

Cost: FREE


Sponsors:  Green Hat KiteboardingBestCabrinha, Crazy Fly, Slingshot (more will be announced soon)

Here’s are some pictures from last year’s event:

Contest/Raffle Tickets:

You will need 1 ticket to enter a contest. If you have tickets left over at the end of the day, you can use them for a raffle. Here’s how to get these tickets:
• 1 ticket when you RSVP by 4/20 (you can RSVP on Facebook or by email)
• 1 ticket just for showing up
• Showing up early (by noon) will get you another ticket
• 1 ticket for submitting a product review (100 words minimum) on our site on any non-clearance product we sell by 4/20. It has to be an objective review, but it doesn’t have to be positive. You can submit reviews for as many products as you’d like.

Contest/Raffle tickets will be distributed at the entrance. It’s up to you how to use them. The more tickets you have the higher your chances of winning.


• Most Hangtime ( SUP Race if no wind) – First Prize: 2013 Best Armada Kiteboard
• Kite pumping – First Prize: 2013 10m Best TS kite

More details on these coming soon…


11am – 12pm – Intro to Kiteboarding: Q&A session for non-kiteboarders. This is for anyone who is interested to get into the sport.
12pm – 1pm – Strapless riding and jumping with Evan Netsch from Cabrinha.
1pm – 2pm – Mega Loops and first unhooked tricks with Ryan Evans from Best.

Raffles and Giveaways:
Our sponsors are sending us a bunch of bags, rashguards, t-shirts, hats, stickers, and much more.
Demo Gear:
We’ll have lots of latest 2014 gear to check out and hopefully try. Let us know if there is anything specific that you’d like to see.

2014 Slingshot Turbine VS Best TS Lightwind Kite Review

Slingshot Turbine Vs Best TSUnlike traditional lightwind kites the 2014 Slingshot Turbine and the 2014 Best TS Lightwind kite are designed for performance. Many other lightwind kites are for just cruising back and forth, also known as mowing the lawn. Which for most riders just isn’t exciting enough.

Slingshot and Best Kiteboarding, have concentrated on making light wind kites that can still be used as performance kites. You can jump with these kites, they turn fast, and have the characteristics of a 12m kite. Continue reading

New vs Used Kiteboarding Gear

Used Kiteboarding GearKiteboarding, like other extreme sports is extremely fun, but not cheap. Buying 3 new kites and a kiteboard can easily cost $3000+, which makes it difficult for many potential kiteboarders to get into the sport. The good part is you can always buy used kiteboarding gear, or even better buy left over gear from previous years. There are important things to consider when choosing between new or used kiteboarding gear. Continue reading

2014 Slingshot Surfboard Comparison Chart

slingshot surfboard comparisonSlingshot’s 2014 surfboards are each unique and perfect for different riders. We have developed a comparison chart for easy comparison between each of the Slingshot surfboards. Slingshot has kept 2 surfboards in their line up from previous years, while also adding 2 new surfboards with very unique designs. All of slingshots surfboards for 2014 come in the wood design with an art design by Phil Goodrich.

Continue reading

How To Choose The Best Kiteboarding Trainer Kite

Things to Consider: The Best Kiteboarding Trainer Kite

Kiteboarding Trainer KiteChoosing the best kiteboarding trainer kite can be difficult, especially since your most likely new to the sport. The main differences are the number of lines, the size of kite, and if the kite is water re-launchable. All trainer kites will teach you how to control a kite, but it really comes down to how safe and easy you want your learning experience to be. Continue reading

Kiteboarding Gifts Guide for 2013

Check out updated Kiteboarding Gifts guide; how to earn Green Hat loot; Fast Shipping, Extended Returns, and Free Exchanges.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Kiteboarding GiftsKiteboarders are passionate about their sport. This makes Kiteboarding gear and accessories excellent Christmas Gifts. The challenge for someone who is not familiar with kiteboarding is to navigate through an enormous selection of never ending lists of gear and gadgets. At Green Hat Kiteboarding, we hope to make your gift shopping experience to be simple, rewarding, and worry free.

Here is how:

Share our Kiteboarding Gifts Facebook Post and make Green Hat Dollars

If you’d like to receive kiteboarding gifts this Holiday season, Share This Post and Like our Facebook page to help your friends and family choose the right gift for you. To sweeten the deal you will get $100 Green Hat Dollars that you can either use towards your gift or use down the road for something else. Just message us on Facebook to let us know that you’ve shared the post as well as the name on the account to add $100 GHDs.

Give The Gift of Kiteboarding

If you’re looking to surprise your kiteboarding spouse, friend or family member with a kiteboarding gift, check out our Kiteboarding Gifts section. We’ve put together a large variety of kiteboarding gifts and suggestions sorted by Skill and Price, as well as a separate section of Stocking Stuffers and Gift Certificates.

If you have any questions or would like more personalized recommendations, please give us a call at 1-888-KITE-001.

Shipping, Returns, and Exchanges

After the Holidays, if something does not fit or isn’t liked for any reason, do not worry – just ship it back to us by February 1st.  You will receive a full refund on all unused items. If you would like to exchange for a different size, we will cover all the shipping costs back and forth.

Thank you for your business!

We wish you all the best for this Holiday Season!


Insane Black Friday Kiteboarding Gear Deals

Black Friday Kiteboarding Gear DealsFor this year’s Black Friday, We’ve gone completely mad with cutting prices on left over gear. A large selection of Kiteboarding gear has been discounted by 40-80% for the whole week!

Black Friday Kiteboarding Deals

Select items in the Black Friday section are marked down:

*All discounted gear has a limited supply.

Share our Facebook Or Twitter Post, Get $100 Green Hat Dollars

How It Works:

  1. Like our Facebook Page and Share our Black Friday Facebook Post  or re-tweet our Black Friday Twitter post.
  2. Contact Us Via Email, Facebook, or Phone to be Credited $100 Green Hat Dollars on your account.
  3. Make a purchase by 12/2/2013 in any new gear or clearance kite categories.



*Green Hat Dollars earned from this promotion expire on 12/2/2013. Green Hat Dollars can NOT be used on any items listed under Black Friday Category.

Lucifer vs Soul: Which kiteboarding Drysuit Will You Pick to Fight the Cold?

Neil Pryde Lucifer vs Ocean Rodeo Soul

Neil Pryde Lucifer vs Ocean Rodeo Soul

Find out which drysuit is better – Neil Pryde Lucifer or Ocean Rodeo Soul. And learn how to get a FREE pair of winter gloves.

Unless you live in the tropics, you’ve probably been in this situation -  it’s cold, windy, and has been a long time since your last session. You don’t want to freeze, but desperately need that kiteboarding fix. It’s possible to have fun in the cold, you just need the right winter suit. Continue reading