Core Riot XR5 9m Kite DEMO / USED

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This kite has been used about 20 times, and some minor repairs that can be seen in photos.

The Core Riot XR5

Freeride / Freestyle / Race / Wave
You decide, which style you want to ride"

From freeriding to surf the 5th generation XR delivers control in the gusts and power in the lulls. Your ticket to relaxed cruising, explosive boosts or sublime wave riding. Experience for yourself the XR’s chameleon like ability to transform to any style or riding level.

How can we build a high performance all-rounder? With technological innovations like our flight control system, our unique safety system and our intelligent trim system. Like a bird that spreads its wings to generate more lift, the XR4 increases its wingspan with a pull on the bar. Likewise, when sheeting out the bar, the XR4 will fold in its’ wings and depower. It is this kind of innovation that exemplifies the design team’s drive to create the perfect all-round kite. And the market responded, making the XR series a bestseller. And now available in white or black.

Technically identical, the new black edition delivers the same whoo-hoos as our classic white edition. The same comfort and high performance you expect from an XR series kite.

The XR5 features:

    • Coretex Tripple Ripstop: Exclusive to CORE. Our, industry leading, triple ripstop canopy fabric is protected and strengthened with three different coating processes called emulsions. CoreTex sets new benchmarks in breaking strength, tear resistance, longevity, UV protection and elongation. Feel the tight, crisp signature only a CoreTex kite can deliver.
    • Short Bridle System: Short and sweet. The super short bridle system improves feedback so you can better feel your kite position. For precise, tight pivot turns. In the larger kite sizes, this reflexivity increases even more so. Just imagine a kite that practically anticipates every turn, as if it’s hot wired to your brain. This is the new XR4.
    • Intelligent Arc: Intelligent Arc is a bridle configuration that modifies the airfoil on demand in a linear and direct way. Like a bird that spreads its wings to generate more lift, the XR4 increases its wingspan with a pull on the bar. Likewise, sheeting out makes the kite fold in its’ wings and depower. Intelligent Arc. For precise, controllable power and depower on demand.
    • 5 Strut Frame: The classic, bombproof, 5 strut exoskeleton frame is a critical component in the XR4 design to stabilize the additional power created by our Intelligent Arc system.
    • Delta Bow Shape: The XR4 incorporates the concave trailing edge of a traditional bow kite and swept back wings of a delta kite. Our airfoil is engineered to rip upwind when underpowered, boost bigger on demand and get you planing first!